Russian MP says Special Military Operation may begin against Baltic countries

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7 thoughts on “Russian MP says Special Military Operation may begin against Baltic countries”

  1. Isn’t Russia…Is ‘The WEF/CCP Cabal’ and they will NOT attack NATO. Purpose is to undermine United States and the West…DISTRACT…Chaos, Crisis, Death, Destruction to prepare for final portions of Reset for Currency Discontinuation to Digital…AND TAIWAN with the CCP. OBiden’s LOYAL TO WEF/CCP. Doing as ordered by Schwab, Gates and the rest of the Corporate Billionaires/Treasonous Politicians.

    1. I do tend to think that Russia would never use nukes, because the WEF want to control the world not destroy it. Their goal is to remove us, the rats, from their front lawn, not burn down the villa.

      1. Russia Will invade europe as prophecied by so many clar voyands and mistics and Virgin Mary at Fatima. Remember Irlmeier, Elena Ayello. We are at a point of no return. mankind will not convert to his God so that the punishment would be averted. The only protection is the Rosary. As told at Fatima. Dear fr Bugnolo please spread the rosary more. It is more important then who trigered the present war. We all already know who.

      2. I fear this will occur too, even though prophecy is more warning that prognostication. Also, Russia is already in Europe, since Europe begins at the Urals.

      3. I disagree. The devil is behind all of this, and he DOES want to destroy the world, simply because God created it.

  2. One Russian MP is not Russia. Ridiculous fear mongering. Russia can barely run one small war in Ukraine.

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