Will the Antipope after Benedict XVI consecrate Russia validly?

This video is from 2012! It shows how holy priests who respect authentic prophecy are way ahead of us all.

Alternate links to the full video:

The original clip of the Source:

The transcript was then translated into Spanish less than 24 hours later.

The Fatima Center Original Source: Fatima Conference Idaho, Mystery of Iniquity, Q & A Session 1, 28-30 September 2012:

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2 thoughts on “Will the Antipope after Benedict XVI consecrate Russia validly?”

  1. Amazing! So before the consecration MUST FIRST COME the full revealing of the 3rd Secret (which has not yet happened!) AND a war of Russia invading Europe and Rome (WWIII) and the exit of Benedict from Rome and his assassination. This will bring the election of a true successor to Benedict (Peter the Roman who will lead the remnant Church through the Tribulation ) by the remnant bishops (not the present College of Cardinals who Benedict declared “cut off”at his “resignation”.
    The Fatima further reveals that this escalating Russian offensive against the West is a divinely willed chastisement for the unfaithfulness and decadence in the Church and upon Western Christians in general who by our carnality opened this Door of chastisement upon ourselves by our fornication with the Great Whore of Rev. 13 and our supporting the BEAST (the US military industrial complex: in its unjust wars and genocide all over the world since WWII and even against Americans in the bombing of the Murrah bldg, in Oklahoma, the attack on New York and the US Pentagon on 9/11 etc. etc. etc ! The Christian West has forfeited Heaven’s protection just as Israel forfeited that protection from the Assyrians, the Babylonians, and the Romans.

  2. Very interesting clip! Thanks for sharing. The revelations of the Saint they discussed leaves some room for speculation, but this gives a lot of insight as to the stance you take about the most recent attempt at the consecration of Russia.

    It seems that one way the prophecies and speculations of the Saint could fulfilled is to have a legitimate Pope at the same time there is an Anti-pope ruling. This could be the case since the Saint Malachi prophecy seems to suggests that the pope elected after benedict would be a bad pope.

    As far as long lines at the confessional, that’s the way it is at my parish every Sunday. But I attend a traditional Catholic parish that only celebrates the tridentine mass and the parishioners take their faith very seriously.

    As a convert from evangelical Protestantism and starting out at a Novus Ordo parish, I saw a lot of the same things in the Novus Ordo Parish, I came to understand as errors that were in the evangelical churches I was raised in. Don’t get me wrong, the Catholics there were very sincere in their faith, and dutiful, but there are things done there that bothered me at lot. By the grace of God, I spent a lot of time studying catholic teaching on my own before I decided to step one foot into a catholic church, so I was able perceive these were errors. Things like the eucharist being put on the hand, lay eucharistic ministers, the man centeredness of the liturgy, female alter servers, the lack of tradition, especially the lack of modesty of dress, iconoclasm (but I have only seen this in my old novus ordo parish) and the improper catechesis. It’s so different to the tridentine parish I attend now, it’s almost like there are two different catholic sects within the same church.

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