Bergoglo says Grandfather was in WWI when Italy was still neutral

Editor’s Note: This image is of the Italian original, its link however is to the official English translation, both of which contain the historical error: Bergoglio saying that his grandfather fought ont he Piave River in 1914. That is factually false, since Italy did not enter WWI until May of 1915, after signing the London Pact, which guaranteed that Italy would obtain all the Italian speaking territories of the Austro-Hungarian Empire plus the Trentino. Bergoglio speaks of his grandfathers hatred of Austrians, which may be true, since Austria was the rival of the Piedmontese Kingdom of Italy. But for such a gross historical error to appear in a Vatican document means, not only that Bergoglio’s memory is failing, but that the Vatican is such a ideological gulag, that non dare say the King is losing his memory.

From a biographical point of view, it is said that Bergoglio’s grandfather was of the political left. So his claim that his father hated Austria and fought is remarkable, since the Italian Left were pacifists and opposed to Italy joining the war before Italy even joined the war. Mussolini in those years was of the Left and he wrote vigorously against the War.

How Sanctions are killing Russia

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Russia will spread her errors throughout the world…

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

At Fatima, the Holy Theotokos, that is, the Blessed Virgin Mary, warned us about Russia and how wars, persecutions of the Holy Father and of the Church, the the slaughter of the Faithful in great numbers would result, if Russia were not consecrated to Her Immaculate Heart, as the Divine Majesty had requested.

But in this message, we often fail to pay attention to the warning of about the errors. And this is especially troublesome since these errors have been spread so far and wide in the last 100 years that many Christians and even Catholics accept these errors as truth, and reject revealed truth, as an error.

And this is the cause, in my opinion, why so many good intentioned Catholics have flipped into Russian trolls here at FromRome.Info, pushing every Russian talking point, or at least some of them, without any rational argument, and villfying anyone who disagrees, as we have seen during the Scamdemic, where many friends and family, even clergy and religious, began preaching the DeathMask or the DeathVax with religious fervor bordering on the fanatical.

So, I think it will be helpful to list some of the errors which Russia has spread, to get an idea of how corrupted our societies are by them.

Revolt against God, as King

This error is the genus of many errors, from promoting the overthrow of Christian Monarchy, hatred of Monarchy per se, attacks on Patriarchy, authority per se, or the proper role of men in society.  And this because God has decided to rule the world through these things, and thus all who hate them, have accepted that revolting from God is something good, and submitting to the Divine Order of things is evil, backward or vicious.

Revolt against God, thus, does not only include Atheism. And we would be wrong to think, that so long as we are believers, we cannot be guilty of embracing this error.

Revolt against God, as the Good

This error is the genus of many errors, too, from promoting progress instead of sanctification, reform instead of justice, equality instead of distinction and hierarchy, and rights instead of duties, or will instead of honesty.  And this is because God’s most proper Name is “the Good”.  God alone is Good, says Our Lord, Who used words in their simple and absolute sense.  But through the error of Russia evil is now called good and good evil, since rebellion against God as the Good is now called the only good, the form of love.

Revolt against God, as the Truth

With the Bolshevik Revolution, the rejection of God as the Truth has advanced throughout the world. And this should not surprise us since it was spearheaded and led by Jews who rejected not only Jesus Christ but the God of the Old Testament too. They took instead the Father of Lies who was a murderer from the beginning, and have fashioned the entire marxist political ideology on making lying a state-craft, and mass murder an instrument of government.

The denial of God as the Truth also leads to the denial of the truth of man.  The concept of “the truth of man” is not a modern one, even Sts. Thomas and Bonaventure speak of it. This term refers to all that pertains to the right understanding of man’s nature, what he is and what he is meant to be.  But with the Bolshevik revolution man is no longer a spiritual being, he evolves, and not by any providence, but by happenstance. So many Christians in accepting evolution, scientism and political ideologies are in reality denying God as the truth and the truth of man, simultaneously.  That is why they are so vicious against those who disagree with them, because they are defending their “truth” which is now their “god”.

Revolt against God as Beauty

To look upon God is the most wonderful and sublime joy of man, but this is reserved in its fullness only to the Saints. The error of Russia against God, as Beauty, has led not only to a corruption of Theology — where in Catholic Schools God is completely ignored  as its proper object — or to the corruption of philosophy — where the contemplation of being has been replaced by an analysis of terminology — but even to the destruction of culture, where the works of beauty are called ugliness and ugliness is exalted as beauty, and the promotion of true art is called a waste of time, while millions are spent to promote ugliness, to the denigration of mind, spirit and society.

And the result of all these errors is the unbridled surge in violence since the time of the Bolshevik Revolution, not only on the scale of mass murder, such as in the Holodomor, or against the most innocent, such as in the womb, but also in public and private discourse, where vilification and contumely is considered acceptable. Hatred of truth, goodness and innocence, is the consummate ugliness of the human spirit or of even the angelic. And one cannot tolerate it without love of ugliness itself.

While it is true, that these errors did not originate in Russia, it is still true that with the Bolshevik Revolution they spread to all the world and have insinuated themselves in institutions of learning and formation world wide.

Errors of Russia are the control switches of public debate today

And all these together explain much of the current political controversies against national identity, the right of self defense, the right to practice the Christian religion, the right to human liberty,a and lead unsuspecting minds, even among Catholics, to glorify tyranny, the persecution of the Church, the hatred of the clergy and religious, and the addition to things material and carnal as man’s only true joys and endeavors.

Pacifism is one of the worst errors today

Chief among these errors of Russia is the one which the Bolsheviks promote to disarm Catholics: pacifism.  The pacifist is an angel of light, because while he pretends to be as angelic as a Saint who wont hurt a fly ever, he advocates that nothing effective be done against monstrous attacks against the innocent. So while advocating the extreme of apparent virtue, he enables the most devilish injustices.

The error of pacifism today keeps the victims of the Scamdemic neutralized and Conservatives ever to seek peace with Marxists, who want only to destroy them.  It leads us to endure and elect Freemasons, and to reduce all opposition to the poignant lamentation which results in nothing.

Russian pacifists today want Ukraine to surrender and preach despair against all who would help her. They are like the perverted friends of a man who would rape his neighbor because she refuses to marry him, and argue against any intervention by anyone else, because “he will have her in the end, no matter what”. It is especially shameful to find such a mind among nations which should know better about the Russian menance for the last 100 years, such as Poland or Hungary, even though it is not surprising from nations which are totally infiltrated by socialists like the USA or the United Kingdom.

Pacifists are also, implicitly, atheists, who believe there is no value in the world to come or the dedication of human life to values which transcend or risk the grave. They despise heroism and hate those who would come to the defense of the innocent, because for them the only value is being “non violent” and for that they will gladly sacrifice your life and your nation.

This is why the Ukrainians are so hated today in so many halls of “Conservatism”.  Because they are actually using gun rights to defend their borders, their Christian rights, and their right to vote as they will to determine their future. A sane Christian will see this and realize that Ukraine, despite all the faults of her present government is doing what all Catholic minds who have opposed the French Revolution have been saying for 200 years!

But the relativist, who judges the truth of everyone on the basis of what is contrary to their domestic political opponents will not see that, because he has already accepted the error of Russia about Who constitutes absolute objective Truth.

And the conservative who prances into social media to defend such rights, but never actually goes so far as Ukrainians to defend them, is incensed that they are stealing attention from his display of vanity and showing himself to be a wimp and pacifist, and worse of all, as a people who are not controlled by his theatrics.

For to act on the truth, will merit you today hatred from all who have accepted one or more of these Errors of Russia.

And so it is.