Are influential Anti-Vaxxers being systematically assassinated?

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3 thoughts on “Are influential Anti-Vaxxers being systematically assassinated?”

  1. Since the 70’s CIA has a pistol that shots frozen
    needles of poison.
    One of the poisons could be PHOSPHOLIPASE A-2 …that
    mimics the action of SERPENT POISON and COVID-19.
    It was found by CRANIOMED (the group directed
    by Carlo Brogna) in the blood of many patients with
    Covid-19 and Long-Covid. Probably it is produced in the
    gut of patients by SARS-2-infected bacteria and since
    it is a small protein is absorbed in the blood-stream.
    It attacks fatty acids (triglycerids) and transform them
    in free fatty-acids that act as an irritating detergent
    inside patients bloodstream, damaging ALL arteries,
    veins and capillary of the infected, specially fat people,
    destroying those tissues that receive a lot of blood,
    like lungs, intestine, brain, kidneys, heart, etc.

    PS-> I received an invite to join the FRATERNITY of
    ILLUMINATI, of the realm of ROTHSCHILDs…
    (I sent them a lot of Jazz-Soul music by Louis Armstrong)

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