How Sanctions are killing Russia

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5 thoughts on “How Sanctions are killing Russia”

  1. We’ll see if this analysis has any weight to it. The propaganda and speculation around this war has been laughably absurd. I find it surprising that you would put any weight in this Brother Bagnolo, you can’t have it both ways. Either the recent consecration was illegitimate and Russia will become strong enough to bring about the great chastisement, or the recent consecration is legitimate and Russia will become weaker and convert along with the rest of Europe and the era of peace will begin, so which is it?

    1. I publish material for information. As I have said many times, but you would not know, since you are a recent reader of FromRome.Info, I do not endorse everything I publish, but I do endorse reading it and hearing it out. I think this analysis helps one understand how damaging these sanctions are. I do not think the recent consecration is valid, as I have explained elsewhere. Once Russia is converted, whether she will or not be a world power, the Lord alone knows. I am not a russophile, and I do believe Putin committed a grave sin starting this War. But I pit all the Russians who are going to suffer under these sanctions, and I think this article helps us have some compassion on the common man and woman in Russia.

      1. Brother Bugnolo, the conversion of Russia was happening long before this recent conflict with Ukraine. Back in 2017 before the pandemic 3-4 new churches a week were being opened in the country! Since the fall of communism in 1991, there have been many vocations to the priesthood and religious life (in the Orthodox tradition) and a flourishing of monasteries to boot. It is simply untrue to imply that Russia was not being converted before all of this started.

      2. Well, Padre Pio said the conversion would take place in the twinkling of an eye, so I do not consider building Churches as proof that it is happening.

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