7 thoughts on “Hundreds of Millions will develop AIDS by the Fall”

  1. I am surprised that among the “kitchen sink” items this doctor mentions as being thrown at these patients so compromised is not mentioned red &/or near infrared Photobiomodulation. Anyone reading this & directly affected, might want to investigate such an approach. Precious little to lose.

  2. There are SCIENTIFICALLY proven treatments for Covid-19…
    and a few “tricks”, like having an AIR FILTER HEPA-4 in
    the night-table at the side of the bed , using FP-2 masks,
    using gloves, avoiding public restrooms and any unnecessary
    contact, have heating set to a hot temperature.

    1) TELMISARTAN (anti-hypertension drug: reduced mortality
    in Intensive Care Units in Argentina, from 24% to 4% , an
    action due to the blocking of ACE-2 receptors)

    2) FLUVOXAMINE (for the type that attacks the brain,
    and induces inflammation and the loss of smell… is an
    antidepressant and anti-obsessive drug that also blocks
    the SIGMA receptors in brain)… it was experimented
    by the Washington University detached in Saint Louis.

    3) CINNARIZINE (it was used against SARS-1, according
    to medical-psychiatrist Dr. Massimo Citro).

    4) NIMESULIDE (is an anti-inflammatory drug that
    IS FORBIDDEN in the USA, but NOT in ITALY).
    5) MEFENAMIC ACID (also anti-inflammatory, very acid)

    6) Simple ASPIRIN or ASCRIPTIN (anti-inflammatory
    but also anti-aggregation of Platelets)

    7) NORMIX (A research in Italy discovered that SARS-2
    can survive in human gut-bacteria, known as MACROBIOTA)…
    So killing the usual bacteria with Normix, but also with
    alternatives like AZYTRHROMICIN or CLARITHROMICIN,
    or AUGMENTIN or CIPROFLOXACIN, in an early stage,
    will help a lot.

    8) BLUEBERRY: contain QUERCETINE, in Spain a computer
    study shown that it blocks the virus replication, at the
    stage of the cutting of the early-poly-protein, just before
    is divided in the many sections needed to ensamble the virus.

    9) MY proposal: LACTOBACILLUS PLANTARUM bacteria,
    that produces oxigen-peroxyde and lives in pickles, in relish,
    in sauerkraut, Kalamata olives in salt-vinager, and in many, many other vegetables.

  3. I won’t argue that the MRNA gene therapies are junk, they don’t stop whatever it is they’re calling COVID, and they seem to only do harm to people. But the wild speculating of those physicians and scientists outside the mainstream narrative are largely unsupported by their data. No one should take these vaccines, but what I see this needless fear mongering. Does “Once the flu season comes, the chaos will begin: ring and bells Brother Bagnolo? No one knows what the long term side effects of these vaccines will be, and for anyone to claim they know there will be mass death is irresponsible.

    1. I will do a video about this this week. I think we differ on some fundamental points of concern for the common good, not to mention, that your opinion seems to be founded on complete ignorance of the research done so far on the “vaccines”. Just search this site for the word DeathVaxx for all the articles about that.

      1. I appreciate the response and I will watch the video. To answer your suspicion that I am ignorant of the data. I have been following the fake COVID pandemic and fake vaccine closely since it began. I never once fell for the nonsense the mainstream is pushing.

        My only goal is to find out the truth. I know that the main stream is lying, but I also know that the other side tends to jump to conclusions based on hearsay and unfounded conspiracies. So I don’t accept anything anyone says on face value. I have known many good people who have spread false information that they were sure was true, while never taking the time to figure out if what they were saying actually was.

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