Patrick Coffin: What what Bergoglio did is a Faux Consecration

Editor’s Note: Mr. Coffin has by this video shown that he has become one of the top warriors for Pope Benedict XVI. This goes to show you, that not those who came first, will yet do great things, but those who perhaps come later or last to the battle. May God be praised.

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12 thoughts on “Patrick Coffin: What what Bergoglio did is a Faux Consecration”

  1. Agree with all you say but the issue of Ukraine, it was part of Russia at the time of the request. The text is universalist, naturalist, heretical, and goes beyond his authority. He doesn’t have authority over the universe.

  2. Thank you brother for your encouragement and humility. Praise be to all the Father Guardian Angels who are breaking through the log jam of obstacles to make known the truth. May God compensate both you and them here and now with greater joy, peace, confidence, recognition, and followers.

  3. A 10 yr old child told this to me in 1974ish ….
    ” I saw Jesus, standing on a cloud in a long white robe with a purple sash around it, and 2 Angel’s sitting on the cloud at His feet. He said to me, ” Do not be afraid at the end of time.At that time many people will have their Purgatory on earth and go straight to Heaven. The rest will go to Hell.”

  4. What Mr Coffin fails to include in his “outcome” list is that heaven might openly chastise this idolatrous perpetrator of a simulated “obedience” to the Mother of God. Will the occasion prove to tip the dominoes with respect to the artifices of the St Gallen mafia and its acolyte? Were they with us yet, the Capuchin Fathers Solanus & Pio might afford us a clue, but painfully, they have no apparent heirs.

  5. A Church approved locution released regarding the Consecration said it has NOT been accepted due to the delay. My interpretation, it was taken as a Hail Mary pass, not a sincere Consecration. Jesus is angry it said. And God will not be mocked. Said prayer can only minimally reduce the chastisements to come.

  6. B16 had his chance to do the consecration and did not, I am not surprised he did not join in with Francis.

  7. With all due respect to Mr.Coffin , that is your opinion and the argument of who is pope or not is red hearing .Tell that to mother Mary of Fatima , as to who is justified is administrating the consecration .
    I hold no special allegiance to pope Francis , he is just a man like everyone else for that matter ,but called the Pope .
    The deed is done as requested by mother Mary of Fatima and that is what matters .

    1. Your argument ignores all the rules of prayer, logic, form and matter, jurisdiction, orders and probably a lot of everything else, except political correctness. It’s a perfect argument according to that last factor.

      1. I disagree with your comments excepting the last sentence and who are you to tell me about the rules of prayer ,etc. I will sanctify the lord Jesus Christ in my own way thank you very much and without the the intrusion of any man or woman .
        Best regards to you in the hope that you find your way .

      2. Guy, I am no authority in of myself, but I do respect Scripture, the Apostles and their disciples through the ages, and I do believe that in the Lord, I am bound to reprove my brother if I see him in great error, not because I hate my brother, but because I love him despite his errors.

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