Radio Radio interview Cionci: Benedict XVI never did renounce the Papacy

Editor’s Note: This is Cionci’s interview in Italian at Radio Radio. While it presents no new information about the invalidity of the renunciation, or rather, regarding how a renunciation of ministry is not an abdication, it does represent an important step forward in Italian media, that Radio Radio, one of the leading independent outlets has at last decided to air the controversy. This would be similar to a large and influential radio station in the United States interviewing someone like Ann Barnhardt on the same topic.

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6 thoughts on “Radio Radio interview Cionci: Benedict XVI never did renounce the Papacy”

    1. Canonically it should keep them loyal to Pope Benedict XVI, but in the past 40 years, Jesuits who were actually loyal to the Pope were not allowed to take that final promise and were expelled. So the Society is a complete farce right now, and should be suppressed permanently.

      1. I know one of these *true Jesuits* who the Society expelled– a marvellous and holy man who became a diocesan priest. They broke his heart betraying the ideals of St Ignatius. He says the same as you: For the good of the Church, the SJ should be suppressed.
        Although there seems to be a prophecy that they will be renewed in the rebirth of the Church (?)

  1. Considering how very many Jesuit saints there are, might not a campaign of Masses be organized to advance their intercession for whatever it may please the divine will regarding this once great force within the Church: either its purification or abolition?

    1. I would certainly like to know why the Jesuit Saints have not appeared to anyone and tried to rectify this. All the saints who have spoken about the present evils in the Church, to my knowledge, were not Jesuits.

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