Mariupol, Ukraine: Now nearly totally “liberated” by Russian Federation Forces

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2 thoughts on “Mariupol, Ukraine: Now nearly totally “liberated” by Russian Federation Forces”

  1. Many believe Nuremberg 1.0 was a sham. Who would conduct the 2.0 trial? The perpetrators? It seems the justice required at this point is “above our human paygrade”. It is outrageous that so many documents get legal protection, and then extended, like the Kennedy assassination. I understand the desire for retribution, but using Fatima as a guideline, i cant imagine Freemasons trying Frremasons. Just as i cant see Joe Biden as a defender of the Eucharist or Democracy. I take solace in that supernaturally, it seems reckoning is near. The wheels of God’s justice turn slowly, but grind ever so surely.

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