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    1. I think most of what I have seen about the pineal gland was written by New Agers who are into crystal worship. That there are crystals in the human body, may be a scientific fact, but crystals are nothing special and have nothing to do with human thought, as far as neurology understands the material basis of it, and as much as philosophers understand the spiritual basis. If you have taken a DeathVaxx, I would say start making a confession and get to know Jesus, because the Grim Reaper cometh.

      1. NewAgers do not worship crystals anymore than do Franciscans worship rosary beads. Crystals are tools like a piano-man’s tuning fork. Rosary beads are tools of prayer, esp so that Tartuffe doesn’t shortchange Mary all fifty Hail Marys.

        Instead, NewAgers view crystals as tools that modulate energy fields of the human body or the astrological teleology of a given domain occupied by humans. To people schooled by the same educational system that teaches the Central Banks are and essential part of the economy, and that teaches men have periods too, and that teaches immunity comes from a needle, the claims of the NewAge will not make sense.

        But to anyone not suffering a spirit of stupor (Romans 11:8), and to those who has read Tesla, Roger Boscovich SJ, or Aristotle & Aquinas (the theory of causation given by A&A includes teleology, which was abandoned by Martin Luther, Voltaire and other nominalists) it will begin make sense. And also, anyone who has had personal experience with crystals can atest to their results–clerics have a long history for impugning personal experience; e.g., in every Marian apparactian there has been a cleric or bishop that attempted to destroy or kill the person(s) who received Mary. So many clerics are the mockers that the Bible says God will punish (Proverbs 19:29).

        So much of the work being done to expose the nefarious globalist cabal in recent years has been done by Evangelicals or NewAgers; this is obvious from social media. So it is counter productive to human freedom to go about alienating these demographics.

      2. What you call the practice of cyrstal usage, I would call a superstition, since a crystal is nothing more than a mineral agglomeration in near perfect atomic arrangement. There is no such thing as astrological teology, and that is why I used the term, worship crystals, because worship in English does not mean adoration, simply speaking, but is the more general category of religious reverence, which we Catholics apply to superstitions.

  1. You are most definitely not a fraud. I thought I was done burying friends because they died of illnesses/cancers they developed due to contracting Aids back in the early 80’s. Apparently I was wrong, Fauci had to leave his signature upon humanity one more time! I wondered why Trump allowed Fauci’s Aids medicines to fall under EUA status, now I know why.

  2. People believed what they were told about the vaccines because they didn’t know they were being lied to and were trying to “do the right thing” in the face of a (bogus) global pandemic. Like you, they acted on the best information they thought they had at the time. But how many of them got placebos? We don’t know. How many of them got flu shots disguised as “vaccines”? We don’t know. How many got the 5% (?) of the vaccines that caused serious injury or death? We don’t know. But, sooner or later, people I love will die. Will ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine save some of them? We don’t know. The biological warfare and the fascistic controls used to impose and enforce it on us are not over for us. We need to ask Christ for His help. Who else is smart enough and tough enough to stop all the evil that is still being done to us?

    1. People spend more attention to enquiring the state of a second hand car before they buy than their own health. Still makes them the deceived for believing fallen and evil men, for trusting the very means of conveying information, the media, the very same media that on any other subject they know spouts lies. Trusting the god of scientism than Almighty God in whose image they are made. God’s judgement will be harsh; ye fools!

      I knew from the outset that it was a scam of heretofore unimaginable evil, I did my research and used the very God-given gift of critical thought to know the truth. If modern man had only prayed, believed and trusted God, and sought guidance from their guardian angel then many more would have been spared. Alas not. We live in a time of apocalyptic evil which Holy Mother Church has always warned her children. As Brother says, prepare for death and your personal judgement. There is still time to save your soul.

  3. Dear Brother,

    There was chaos. You just over estimated short-term effects and the numbers. You were not wrong. We have to find out long term effects and we have to get unredacted statistics.

  4. Got data from DK for weekly deaths 2016 to 2022. Cannot post the graph here unfortunately. I can send it to you if you show me a way. (+ the actual data)
    I think the data are trustworthy even though it is from the government. As I have stated before, it is hard to fudge public statistics so far in DK – but definitely possible and probably more so in near future.
    Looking at the graph I estimate that there is at least 10 % more deaths since december 2020 when the shot started. Some periods 15 % more.

      1. On this page:
        …you click “Deaths per week (experimental statistics) by region, sex and age (2007U01-2022U11)”
        Here you pick 3 parameters (top ones) and then the weeks you want data for. And you get a table that can be exported to excel for example.
        NB some years has 53 weeks e.g. 2020

  5. So far, of my friends and family who had the shots, none have yet died, or even got very ill. I’m wondering if in my area they mostly gave placebos.

    1. It’s possible most shots were placebos or maybe just a regular flu shot. I saw a statistical analysis categorized on batch an manufacturer that suggested that most batches were not harmful, but that the pharmaceutical companies were experiments only releasing the bad stuff in certain areas at certain times. It looked like they were doing experiments with large control groups.

  6. In the US, I think people, overwhelmingly Democrats, took the jab because they hated Trump. The “news” media had for four years vilified and demonized the president. That was probably at the urging and perhaps the bribing by the “Deep State,” the CIA and the Military Industrial Complex, since Trump was not hawkish enough and didn’t want war with Russia. Now, with Biden, they’ve got their war.
    The Democratic vaxxed sensibly refused when Trump offered his jab. But when Biden offered his, they jumped, in my opinion, as a final snub against a man they hated and from whom the election had been stolen.
    So, I’d say it’s wrong to believe untrustworthy sources, and the MSM is certainly that. But it’s also wrong to hate anyone you disagree with, no matter how sure you are that you’re right and they’re wrong. And it’s also wrong to hate Trump’s followers the way the mostly Democratic vaxxed did.
    But this was a very clever plan. Now half the population lives in a hypnotized bubble and will not listen to reason or any evidence that they may have made a huge mistake. They get angry if you even bring up Robert Kennedy’s book. They will not believe what they don’t want to be true. I think it took Artificial Intelligence to come up with that plan. It looks like it may work.

  7. You were leading the charge to save many of us. The details changed with time, but the message is still just as terrifying. “Experimental” was the first huge red-flag waiving in everyone’s face. “No liability for Pharms” was a second huge red flag. The collapsing of those shown in videos after taking the shot was the third flag. Yet all these warnings were ignored. They chose to submit to secretive, deceptive human experiments over their God-given immunities and proven therapeutics. The media-peddled narrative of the right-thing-to-do, was exactly the wrong-thing-to-do. I fear the future of all my family and friends who did not listen to our warnings. I pray something can be found that reverses the effects of this poison.

  8. What your talking about at about one minute in about those that received the MRNA vaccines being exposed to the wild virus, that would likely die from the disease. I believe this is called immune response priming, or something to that effect . In laboratory tests in animals when they were given these MRNA “vaccines” they would cause the animal to suffer sever symptoms when exposed to a wild variant of the virus, I believe in most cases this was fatal, but if I remember what I read correctly the diseases they were testing against were much more deadly than SARS COV2.

    What I believe scientists are seeing is that those who had little to no reaction to SARS COV2 exposure pre-vaccine are now suffering symptoms. I believe this was the intended effect of the “vaccines”, among other things. I believe they were meant primarily as a means to prolong the emergency measures of the pandemic until the globalist could implement the system of control they need for the great reset.

    However, this seems to have not worked. But until the laws granting the emergency powers have been rescinded or expired.

  9. Brother Bagnolo to add what I said earlier. Whatever the main stream narrative is you can be fairly certain that it’s completely incorrect. If they are admitting to anything, it’s not for your benefit and is probably meant to manipulate you.

    About the funeral homes, you don’t need to ask them. The insurance companies are saying the all cause mortality rate is up 50%. One CEO was recently canned for admitting it to the public. I also remember seeing a report from Australia saying that their hospitals were overwhelmed with sick people with various conditions, but they didn’t know what was causing it, they were speculating it was some delayed reaction to COVID.

    Lastly, do you think Francis had the actual shot or a placebo?

    1. I find your method of proceeding unsound, since you are telling me repeatedly to ignore factual evidence, even if corroboratory. As for Bergoglio, I think he did take read DeathVaxxes, as he began immediately to suffer from inflamed colon and now from an inflamed knee, such that he cannot easily stand.

    1. There are many claims but no scientific studies, mistly because as there are 40+ lethal factors in them, until we have a detailed list they cannot be addressed one by one, and I am surprised that the Doctors opposed to the Great Reset have not addressed this yet.

  10. Some doctors who are opposed to the vaccine seem to be giving false hope to vaxed people; telling them that they can detox when in reality they really don’t even know what the vials consist of or even if they all contained the same ingredients. I still believe there will be a great death rate that everyone will take notice of. It will probably be another plague which will affect the vaxed and not the unvaxed. They will blame the deaths on the new plague, but it will be due to the original vaccinations.

  11. Very good update Brother Alexis. There is still a lot we do not know about the long term effects of these experimental gene therapies. The scenario you described in your initial video was essentially the worst case scenario.

    We do know that the globalists want a massive cull of mankind as one of the pre requisites of The Great Reset. However, the cull will be over a number of years, and you can add to this figure, the toll of war ,famine ,new diseases that the globalists release upon us .

    From the information provided by this website and many scientists, and medical professionals we can discern that the covid shots will either permanently weaken the immune system or disable it entirely.

    Over time the those vaccinated will succumb to a variety of diseases and that is the way the globalists have intended it.

    In Australia, the official death toll from the shots is 700 dead with 112,000 injuries. These are of course totally underestimated figures, and the media have refused to report them.

    The whole covid scam should be viewed as a a call from God to return to the Church ,to prayer and penance before its too late.

    Our lives are entirely in their hands of God . We can die at any moment and should be ready for judgement.

  12. Brother,

    What about the graphene oxide in the jabs and the 5G connection? (Tip: La Quinta Columnaon Telegram great informatie to find too)

    Kind Regards

    1. I could not mention it all, but as graphene oxide degrades after 3 months, and I was talking about long term factors, I chose to omit it.

  13. One thing I am noticing is everyone I know who has had the vax is getting COVID. I am not saying the unvaxxed dont get it – I dont know about that aspect, but I wonder if it is something in the Vax that is actually causing them to come down with COVID.

    1. Yes I’ve noticed that too. I’m getting lots of overtime working for jabbed and boosted nurses who have covid.

  14. I know many who have taken the third shot and no problem at all! Im training at gym and almost everyone is vaccinated. Do you think it`s gonna be problem in future? Is it true that death is coming slowly ? Because if this is the MOTB no one will live unto the millenium ? Or is it possible that the brand” MOTB” survives when Jesus come back?

    1. Not all vials have all the toxins. Some may be water. But like Russian roulette if you play the game long enough, there is only one result that is guaranteed.

      1. Yes, thats true! If you stand at the game table long enough, you usually lose in the end! I think there is malicious intent behind the distribution of the injections. They have pushed on all countries so far, some are behind. I appreciate your videos and information also with Dr V Z. I usually see Dr T and P the five docs are making a video a month and talking about the health “Odysee”

        Greetings brother

  15. Dear Brother,

    Maybe a little bit of topic:
    Can we support your work via cryptocurrencies?
    I do not trust PayPal at all. Or can we make a wire transfer without using PayPal please?


  16. Brother Bugnolo,
    What about the large number of people being killed in the hospitals? Our entire family got covid after Christmas. My parents (ages 74 & 82) received ivermectin, zpack, monoclonal antibodies, an an IV vitamin treatment. They were recovering. My dads’s oxygen was very low so we thought being him to the hospital for oxygen and he’d come home with an oxygen tank. Immediately upon arrival they started telling my mom about their “protocol” which included intubation and every possible thing EXCLUDING the meds he was already on. They removed him from all his meds and immediately put him on remdesivir which started killing him. They wouldn’t feed him either or give him any water . The hospital wouldn’t return 12 calls from his person doctor until we had a lawyer ready with papers to put hi, back in what he was on when he arrived there. They put him back on the original meds and he did amazingly. He was on a nasal cannula and they said he would be in a regular room in a day or two. That night they said they would not be any visitors allowed since he would be out of ICU. During that night somebody administered morphine to him two times in three hours. Very early that morning the family was called into the hospital to say our goodbyes and my father passed away. There is no doubt it was nefarious actions that took his life. Sadly, there are many more stories like ours. The grief of losing my dad is bad enough, but knowing that is may have been done deliberately is sickening. I pray for the truth to be revealed with our situation and other all around the world with the same story. We have heard of many. Justice will be from God. I have forgiven anyone and have chosen not to carry that hate and anger. May my Dad Rest In Peace. This has been planned from the beginning as part of their population control and the hospitals are being incentivized to kill. Thank you Brother Bugnolo.

    1. During the Scamdemic from the beginning, there have been protocols put in place to kill every patient in a hospital who is deemed a useless eater. They had these protocols for many years and killed my father in a similar way, leaving him unattended in a hallway in a cot for 3 days afer a grave contusion to the head — he fell down the stasirs — taking him off his heart medicine for 4 weeks to incite a lethal heart attack.

  17. 9 out of every 10 people who die of Covid 19 are triple/double vaxed. U.K. official government statistics.

  18. Im in Colorado….USA… Legacy.com…. death/funeral website. You can no longer search by city or state. Its just goes blank

  19. Thank you, Bro Alexis, for showing us where you were correct and where you were wrong.
    I agree with you on this topic, because I have always been against unnecessary medications going into my body.
    I am vaccine-free, and have been most of my life.
    I’ve since been told that even the flu shots contained aborted fetal cell lines. I’ve never trusted them.

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