Wagner: The Russian Mercenaries who are Nazis too

Here are several reports:

And another:


And another about the founder, who named his PMC after Wagner, Hitler’s favorite composer:

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3 thoughts on “Wagner: The Russian Mercenaries who are Nazis too”

  1. The Lotus eaters produced a great piece on the Wagner group a few weeks ago pointing out there are Neo-Nazis on both sides. I guess neo-nazis are okay for the Russians and long as they’re “Our Nazis”.

    I’ve been saying this from the beginning, there are no good guys on either side of this conflict, just bad and worse. It’s one secular republic fighting another secular republic.

    I would like to see the war end, rather than helping the Ukrainians resist by sending them weapons or sending forces to fight in the conflict, dragging this thing out and making the body count ever higher, the west should work towards a settled peace that ensures the security concerns of both sides.

    John Mearsheimer warned that this was going to happen in 2015 if NATO kept pursuing its policy of expansion towards Russia.


    1. The saying, “There are no good guys on either side”, is a horrible libel against honest innocent Ukrainians defending their country, and totally mind controlled Russians, who do not even know what they are into, but if they did, would stop fighting immediately.

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