Brother of the Mayor of Kyiv speaks to those who won’t take sides in Russo-Ukraine War


Full interview:

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3 thoughts on “Brother of the Mayor of Kyiv speaks to those who won’t take sides in Russo-Ukraine War”

  1. Putin’s KGB Propaganda justifying this GENOCIDE matching that of Russia’s past towards Ukraine isn’t remotely logical since the most dangerous Nazis are located in Davos in a group Pootain IS associated with…And, is STILL a part of even though they took his pictures off of the wedsite for ‘Appearances Sake’. Everyone KNOWS ‘The WEF’ was founded by the son of an old Nazi with a Jew Banker FINANCING both sides of WW2 at a PROFIT; Klaus Schwab, along with his Movie Stars, Professors, Corporatist Billionaires united with the politicians of the west AND Bergoglio in the Vatican are RABID. Denazification isn’t relevant and the Bio Labs ESTABLISHED by Russia are redundant and it’s clear the Russians arn’t going after them. After Georgia and Chechnya; were I a Ukrainian Leader, I most certainly WOULD have sought protection by seeking out NATO and countries in the west for support and protection as that is wise.
    Were I Ukrainian, I would seriously consider going after Gates, Schwab and ‘The WEF/CCP Cabal’s location in Davos…A country avoiding both world wars. I would also go for the Kremlin and give pet Pootain a taste of his own Medicine… Even at the risk of nukes.
    It’s important to give the Ukrainians MODERN weapons… Missiles needing no guidance, night vision, and other advanced weaponry so THEY CAN WIN THIS WAR instead of allowing it to become ‘War for Profit’ as the WESTERN Corporatists LOVE…For their benefit as they TAKE OVER AND DOMINATE.
    Pootain stated his DREAM clearly for decades…To rebuild for “The Greatness of Mother Russia”. THAT is all this is about and now Russia will accept TAKING the East with its Mining and Rare Earth Minerals. Love Carlson and Candace…Do NOT agree with their stance on this or any of the others forgetting the Cold War or those willing to excuse Violence Perpetrators.
    For the first time, there is suspicion surrounding Tucker and Candace belonging to Davos…Just like all the ‘Talking Heads’. Don’t trust them as much…

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