12 thoughts on “He warned us 10 years ago, about the Great Reset”

  1. TOO MUCH! The fallen nature of human beings SCREAMS IN REBELLION TO THIS. These idolators have too much power as it is. The Fascist/Communist Dictatorial Social behaviors of Trudope were reprimanded in the EU…And, there was nothing about dogs being used to attack protesters in Amsterdam. ‘The WEF/CCP Cabal’ is NOW hiding after being open about their Psychopathological Dreams of Domination. Their politicians are now distancing from openly Fascist/Communist Leaders AND they are condemning behaviors openly supported and financed in the U.S. in 2020 defined ‘Mostly Peaceful Protests’. THIS MUST BE STOPPED…Regardless of what the CCP does. No humans can EVER be trusted with Absolute Power.

  2. ssschwab condemned the actions of Putin: this means that these actions are good: going against the ‘great reset’, only great for the devils who are pushing it.
    It is a moral obligation for all people of good will to stand up against the fallen ones.

    Everything that disturbs the ‘great reset’ mass-depopulation and robbery is good.

    1. Your argument is extremely naive, seeing that the Lodges backed both Hitler and Stalin, and back both Putin and Schwab.

      1. Larry Fink, a weffer/globalist, recently declared publicly that Putin had stopped the globalization.

        See also https://citizens.news/606192.html

        Probably you mean with Lodges Masonic Lodges?
        If they back Putin, I don’t know.
        Putin was visiting the wef form a while: possibly to find out
        their tactics, a kind of spy, to better defeat them.
        And I don’t know either why since several months all kinds of fallen ones are called masons.
        Mozart was a mason as well.
        I would call the fallen ones Illuminati.

        And it is fine with me if people think that I am naive.

      2. Maybe Putin is more a pawn in the hands of Globalits than a player. But maybe they promised him much but then stabbed him in the back. I do think the latter is possible, and I do think, as I do with Trump, that if either man had a spiritual experience like Saint Paul on the road to Damascus, that they could really turn out to be great saints. For with God nothing is impossible, and certainly Divine Providence is mightily humbling each man that he might be thrown off his horse of pride and wordliness.

  3. I winder hiw many people know who Klaus Schwabb is. Robbi’s tactical observations about Switzerland would seem obvious and therefore unactionable.

  4. Dear Brother Bugnolo, We are concerned that you did not post our last comment and would like to know specifically why.

    Thank you.

    1. Truth, I think I have only approved about half of your comments, the same goes for nearly everyone else. They have to be on topic, and they cannot be 10 pages long…

      1. The topic was the ”GREAT RESET” when it was the same plan but called by the previous name before it morphed into the name ”Great Reset” ; and it was not anywhere near 10 pages long.
        We hope that you will reconsider your decision.

        Thank you either way, and GOD BLESS YOU.


      2. Truth, I have to set rules for the com box. Its a com box, not a place to publish. Now if you start a blog, and write some good pieces, you can post a link in a comment and if it is on topic, I will consider publishing it.

  5. If; we are in that specific time (prior to the Lord’s return) The activity of Satan is increased as he knows that his time is short.
    Rev 12:12

    This “short time/season” is the period of the world’s existence from the advent of Satan till the final judgment with the return of Christ.
    I am of the view that we are in that time and that the ‘Beastly Governmental powers’ that be, are planning not only the destruction and enslavement of man created in the image of God, but ultimately the destruction of the Body of Christ (the church) That time will be the final onslaught against all that is holy and eventually against us believers (the living stones making up that body) 1Pet 2:5
    We must be prepared for persecution.
    We must count the cost.

    john B

    We have the words of the Lord that the “gates of hell shall not prevail against His Church”

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