Father Peregrino: How you will know that Russia is consecrated truly to the Immaculate Heart

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9 thoughts on “Father Peregrino: How you will know that Russia is consecrated truly to the Immaculate Heart”

  1. Great article by Father Peregrino!
    It’s great because it summarizes brilliantly what presently are the two crucial issues of the Church, namely:
    1) first, that JM Bergoglio is heretic and an apostate, because he denies Jesus Christ himself!
    2) and second, that JM Bergoglio is only an anti-pope, while the true pope remains still now Benedict XVI!

    1. Massimo; The Apostle John tells us All who deny Christ are antichrists! 1Jn 2:22, 2Jn 1:7

  2. One oversight that I notice: it’s not quite nine words. The consecration would need to confess that it is being executed by Peter’s successor and all the bishops of the Church. IMHO, the order sent out to the latter ahead of time ought be worded in the most strenuous language, imposing automatic excommunication for disobeying it, such that nothing undermine the Pope’s will to obey our Lady’s prophetic command.

    1. The obligation to say it, need not be stated in the prayer, but must be decreed publicly beforehand.

  3. If peace suddenly breaks out in Ukraine, Russian troops withdraw and Putin says “I’m sorry” — we’ll know Heaven accepts this latest attempt at the Consecration of Russia.

    If on the other hand, the Ukraine war drags on, and /or spreads to other nations, we’ll know we have another “dud”. Now we had the words “Consecrate” & “Russia” somewhat in proximity; we had a shambling and timid request for the worlds bishops to join in at the same time; but– did we have a genuine pope making the consecration?

    If peace breaks out, the Church is suddenly purged of evil prelates; and fallen away catholics and new converts suddenly start going to confession and Mass; and we have a boom in authentic vocations to newly reformed & holy religious orders, we will know that Bergoglio is the “Real thing”, however dreadful he is as a Pope.
    –But I’m not holding my breath.
    Most people have not repented, we do not heed the message of Fatima; abortion and transhumanism are booming, and so history will show that the Ukranian war is merely the start of WW III.

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