Glazov interview Fr. Kramer on the Faux Consecration of Russia

Fr. Kramer holds the opinion that Pope Benedict XVI intended an expanded ministry, which is not established by anything Benedict XVI has said, but is the interpretation of Ganswein, which he later withdrew. — This interview is primarily about what is i the Third Secret of Fatima.

Father’s opinions about Putin are based on not knowing that the WEF put Putin in power or that Putin is a young global leader chosen by Klaus Schwab. He is also not informed about the principles of just war, for he argues that since territory was owned by the Tsar, then Putin, whose political team (Soviets) murdered the Tsar, has the right to the Tsar’s lands, which is most certainly false, since murderers have no legal right to the property of those whom they murder. etc. For the most part, Father Kramer simply regurgitates Russian talking points, all of which upon investigation can be demonstrated to be false. For example, he cites votes which were never monitored by impartial observers, and ignores those which were, all of which voted to stay with Ukraine.

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14 thoughts on “Glazov interview Fr. Kramer on the Faux Consecration of Russia”

  1. So you are posting his interview because…?

    To clarify, I’m an equal opportunity “ignorer” — I pay Taylor Marshall no mind any more, either.

    1. It is full of information about the Third Secret, from one of the last living world experts.

    2. I’ve ditched T Marshal too. I don’t trust him. He went to great lengths to discredit Malachi Martin. I posted a comment to a YouTube post a while back, questioning that he might be a disinformation agent. Next day my YouTube account was suspended & the comment I posted was erased from below his video. He’s probably a Mason, or worse.

  2. I am so glad you posted this. I learned a great deal more about the Third Secret of Fatima. Thank you so much

  3. Nothing should be secret… That is how the secret societies work! by the darkness of secrecy.

    1. Dont be foolish. Do you want your wife telling the whole world what you say in your bedroom?

  4. Fr. Kramer dropped a bombshell! At an upcoming synod, Bergoglio and his gangsters are planning to end the Consecration in the mass altogether. He reminds us that Bergoglio has honored Martin Luther in the past. Go to around 0:30 minutes in.

    Glazov is the son of a Soviet dissidents.

    1. My correction! Bergoglio plans to end Transubstantiation! Exactly as Martin Luther wanted.

      Brother Alexis, can you provide a link that backs up this claim? God bless you.

      1. Other than Fr. Kramer’s testimony? Bergoglio has put Luther’s face on Vatican Stamps and Coins. He has also put his face and Pachamama. He is sending signals for those who have eyes to see.

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