Patrick Coffin responds to his Critics, regarding Bergoglio not being the Pope

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6 thoughts on “Patrick Coffin responds to his Critics, regarding Bergoglio not being the Pope”

  1. Coffin’s calm description of the personal hostility those unwilling to even hear his case marks them as 1) having minds closed to the Truth 2) Pridefully confident in their close-mindedness. Mr Voris has done good work, but now destroys it by censoring anyone who wants to consider all the evidence–I am one, and there seem to be an increasing number being banned from his website. After writing him a letter carefully saying I am no a sedevacantist, –he wrote back and accused me of being exactly that. A good journalist comprehends what he reads, and Mr Voris now strikes me as no longer being a good journalist. A pity, for he does good work for canceled priests and Catholic whistleblowers, which I support.
    I wrote a letter to Mr Monyhan of “Inside the Vatican” and asked him, if the “Bergoglian Russia Consecration” is valid, how long should the average reasonable Catholic wait to see its transformative effect on world events? A month, 6 months? And when it is seen that this “consecration” was yet another dud, — when should the average reasonable Catholic conclude that Bergoglio (an anti- pope) was the reason we still don’t have Russia consecrated ?
    All I asked, not unreasonably, was a time frame. . . .
    — Reply so far ? [Crickets. . . . . . ]

  2. You are right that he is a great addition to the BiP cause. He is calm, measured, and smart. He calls out his friends with clarity and charity and, frankly, helped me understand the situation better. I have been waiting for some of these professional Catholics, who have the analytical skills to dig into this, to step forward. Now I know why they don’t. It’s an industry. They can’t lose sales or reputation. The point about the vaccine was painful, but true. Alas, when the rubber meets the road and people have to give up something, they can’t. Heartbreaking. Thank you for entering the fight, Patrick!

    1. Like Steve Ray’s videos on the life of St Paul but no way on earth I’d jump through those hoops for one of his tours, he needs to get over himself.

  3. Now if only Mr Coffin understood the Salvation dogma as well as he has come to understand that BiP.
    All in good time….

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