4 thoughts on “Drone Footage of Irpin, Ukraine, which was “liberated” by the Russians”

  1. Mauriopol was held by AZOV, and they kept the people imprisoned in basements. Dead bodies were found by the Russians when they liberated Mauriopol, with swastikas carved into dead bodies.
    I guess this won’t get published because it doesn’t fit the “official”narrative of lies hatched by the West and Zelensky., and those who want to prolong this military op into a war.

    1. The Azov Battalian was only one of 3 Ukrainian Military Units holding Mariupol, and they are still holding out, as the city as not fallen. If Russians say they committed war crimes, it will have to be investigated, but since the Russians have a record of always lying, I would not put much claim into it, since it has now been shown that Russians have faked videos of war crimes on numerous occasion. Of course if you want to believe Russian propaganda, these facts do not matter. The Allies firebombed Dresden Germany in WW2, burning alive more than 70K unarmed innocent civilians. No investigation or trial was ever held. So do you think then we should glorify Hitler, absolve the Nazi’s and invite Russia to destroy the cities of our countries?

  2. Is this Irpin, or Mariupol?
    The heading of the article says Irpin,
    However, at the top of the video is written Mariupol…🤔

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