7 thoughts on “FDA to authorize 6th dose of Pfizer DeathVaxx”

  1. Vaxx without end, Amen.

    Somebody back in 2020 predicated there would be ” 7 booster Vaxxes”. We’re almost there.

  2. the first…maybe the second, i can see how FEAR porn has worked on the masses of ignorant folk, but after that, they are aiming at the truly willfully ignorant targetted-unnatural selection- sector of humanity.

  3. Some time ago I saw the Pfizer loyalty card meme. There should be a free toaster with the 8th shot. Lol

  4. Brother, do the number of shots play some sort of satanic symbological role? I understand the argument that says nit to get to involved in “the other side’s playbook”, but I am not totally convinced of that argument, since I suspect the enemy promulgated it.

    1. That I do not know. But I do know that if anyone keeps taking these shots, he either will die physically, or become completely controlled by the Globalists spiritually.

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