10 thoughts on “Fr. Kramer: Br. Bugnolo has grossly misrepresented my comments on Russia”

  1. Great respect and kudos to you for posting this, Brother Alexis. It shows without doubt you are a fair-minded, thoughtful and humble person.

    God bless!

  2. Thank you for upholding basic Christian manners by not indulging in priest-bashing as a response to this.

  3. In our opinion, it would be a great interview between Brother Bugnolo and Father Kramer.

    Maybe you could both work out the issues and then go forth with great help for those of us who would benefit from both of your faithful witness to those of us who are so very weary at times in this evil age of lies and deceptions.


    1. I do not think there is any big disagreement here. Father spoke at length in a sense I found hard to follow, and I wrote quickly to summarize the main points. It does not surprise he disagrees with my summary.

  4. Father Kramer is a rock for us, and Brother Bugnolo has been a great source of truth through the co-v-id times of lies and deceptions, and both are faithful Catholics who both know that bergoglio is the antipope while Pope Benedict remains the ONE AND ONLY vicar of JESUS CHRIST on earth.

    We are now living through great times of evil, and we have the greatest respect for both Father Kramer and Brother Bugnolo. Again, it would mean a great deal for both of these two to speak to us together in an interview because it would be a support for the souls of the Catholic faithful and also for many other souls in our times of desolation.

  5. I don’t remember the specifics, and they are not important, but after I watched the video, I also thought that you didn’t summarize Fr. Kramer’s words accurately. It happens all the time that people don’t understand each other, especially through the internet, so it’s no big deal. I appreciate that you posted the video, and his response to your post. Thanks.

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