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The Polish reads: “The Ministry of Health admits to genocide! 156,000 people died when fully vaccinated and 24,000 were partially vaccinated.”

The attached circular, is dated March 28, 2022. Click tweet to see the full 5 pages of the admission, in Polish.

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CIONCI: All your questions answered, why Benedict XVI is still the Pope

by Andrea Cionci


According to the Church, Our Lady of Fatima asked the pope only one thing: the consecration of Russia, one hundred years ago. On March 25, Bergoglio, on the other hand, celebrated an ” inclusive ” consecration which, within a few days, was announced would also involve Ukraine, humanity, the Church, “ourselves”, with a formula full of oddities: the “Mystery of iniquity” of Saint Paul transferred from apostasy to war; the suspicious insistence on ” brotherhood “; unusual Marian attributes such as the vaguely Pachamamic “land of heaven” (used by the neo-Arian Enzo Bianchi), and the reference to the esoteric cult of the ” Knot-looser “. HERE the details.

Moreover, at the same time, Konrad Krajewsky, his almsgiver, celebrated the Consecration at Fatima . As we found out by questioning the electricity company, this same man never paid , as he had promised, the 300,000 euro bill of the occupied Roman building to which he had illegally reconnected the power, three years ago, up to now maintaining a situation of dangerous illegality HERE .

It is not surprising that Benedict XVI, “joining the call” (and not the intention) of Bergoglio, chose not to participate directly in any of this, rather praying on his own (and we do not know in what terms).

Only the events of the last week would be enough to understand who the pope is and who is not, intuitively confirming the irrefutable results of the investigation we have been conducting since 2020 and which is spreading all over the world. You will find it rearranged at the bottom of this article HERE .

It is a shocking story , we are aware of it, of not immediate understanding, at first, also because the true Holy Father Benedict XVI cannot speak explicitly , for two reasons: 1) he is in impeded, a canonical situation where the pope is confined / Prisoner. 2) He speaks with a subtly logical language like Jesus, to ensure that only “those who have ears understand” and to “separate believers from non-believers”, as he himself admitted to Herder Korrespondenz.

However, the veiled language of Pope Ratzinger describes a objective canonical reality : no conspiracy. Moreover, we would have no interest in affirming things of such gravity for the masochistic taste of self-discrediting. Instead, there are two extremely important reasons why it is worth discussing:

1st reason, for the laity : if the so-called strong globalist powers and international freemasonry have succeeded in driving out the true pope from the “impregnable citadel” of the Catholic Church, imagine the situation in the world of secular politics , with all the risks for citizens and for our country.

2nd reason, for believers . Do you think the Lord can be happy that his Vicar has been overthrown? Believe that God can adapt to the plots and sin of men without sending them some “proof” to find their way? And here, several harsh “trials” have been pouring out for years, it seems.

So, below, you will find a series of quick answers, on the well-known and effective ” yes yes / no no” model , to easily clarify the Magna Quaestio , with all the links to the necessary insights.


Does the code of canon law require that the pope, in order to abdicate, must renounce the Petrine MUNUS (papal title of divine origin)? YES, in article 332.2 of the Code of Canon Law. And the renunciation must be simultaneous, as is the election.

Did Benedict XVI renounce the munus on 11 February 2013? NO . He has renounced the ministerium , the practical exercise of power, deferred and not ratified after the deadline. So, just de facto nor legally.

But aren’t munus and ministerium interchangeable? NO. By renouncing the munus , the ministerium also lapses , because there is abdication, but if the ministerium is renounced, the munus does not lapse . HERE .

If there was no abdication, does another canonical situation arise? YES , the impeded see (canon 412) where the pope does not exercise his practical power because he is impeded, a prisoner, confined and not free to express himself.

But is the pope impeded still the pope? YES . So Benedict is today the only existing pope and vicar of Christ, as he himself admits HERE .

But the 2013 conclave elected Francis? NO . It did not elect anyone: the conclave was null because it can only be convened with the previous pope who died or abdicated and neither of the two pre-existing indispensable conditions existed. HERE

It was card. Ratzinger to introduce the munus / ministerium dichotomy in canon law? YES . In 1983, he was the right hand of John Paul II. The system fully follows the anti-usurpation system of the Austro-German dynastic law, which Ratzinger could not fail to know. HERE

But does the fact that all the cardinals have accepted Francis’ election make this valid? NO. The doctrine of Universalis ecclesiae adhaesio could heal some imperfections in a legitimate conclave, but NEVER heal an illegitimate conclave, summoned by a not-yet-dead and non-abdicated pope. The cardinals did not realize that Benedict entered the seat impeded, because this cannot be explicitly declared: it is just there.

So there can’t be two valid popes? NO . So much so that Benedict himself has been repeating for 9 years that the pope IS only one without ever explaining which one. HERE

But does the “extended ministry” we speak of exist for canon law? NO. It does not exist juridically, it exists only in fact, but it is a “theological place”, a sort of ministry between a legitimate pope and an illegitimate pope, where a sacrifice is made, as it was for Christ with Judas.

And does a papal emeritus exist from the canonical point of view? NO , so much so that Bergoglio, last year, charged the canonists to find a jurisprudence for this non-existent institution. HERE

So does “pope emeritus” have another meaning? YES’. From the Latin verb emereus , “he who deserves, who has the right” to be pope. It is the name used to distinguish the true pope in the extended ministry between the legitimate pope and the illegitimate pope. HERE

So is the pope emeritus the Supreme Pontiff? YES’. The Vatican Secretariat of State also writes it verbatim HERE . But even the canonists who contested this “novelty” of Pope Benedict understood it as a juridical institution had already grasped it, “by exclusion”.

Is this why Benedict wears white and keeps the pontifical name? YES’. And he continues, as a few days ago HERE , to impart his apostolic blessing (exclusive of the reigning pope) and to live in the Vatican. He has removed two trappings – the sash and the cape – from the pope’s habit to signify his impediment, his “impairment”. HERE

So did Pope Benedict formally imprison himself to defend the Church and the faith? YES’. As admitted by card. Danneels in 2015, the Mafia of St. Gallen, a lobby of modernist cardinals enemies to him, wanted to make him abdicate and, as described by Paolo Flores d’Arcais in 2010, he was against all the globalist powers of the world. So he had to be out of the way. HERE and HERE

But Benedict said from Castel Gandolfo, on Feb. 28, 2013: “I will no longer be Supreme Pontiff”. NO . He said that he would no longer be the “pontiff supreme”, that is, he would no longer be “the pontiff in the highest position” since there would be another more in sight than him (and illegitimate). Moreover, one can remain popes even without being supreme pontiffs, since the title appeared only in the fifth century. HERE

Yet Benedict admitted that he freely renounced his ministry? YES: but his “ministry- ministerium “, not his “ministero- munus ” since munus and ministerium are translated into Italian with the same word “ministry”. They wanted to make him abdicate, but he, really, freely chose … to enter the seat prevented.

But Benedict swore obedience to Francis? NO . In 2016 he wrote in Last Conversations answering a question about how he could swear obedience: “The pope is the pope, no matter who he is.” So he never swore obedience to Bergoglio. He said on February 28, 2013 that among the true cardinals who listened to him there would be the future pope, and he was right … But he is still waiting for him. HERE

As for real cardinals? So those named by Bergoglio are not valid? YES. The 70 cardinals appointed by the antipope are not valid and if we go to a future spurious conclave, together with those of legitimate appointment, pre-2013, they will elect another antipope, perhaps the John XXIV he speaks of (it is not known in what capacity ) Bergoglio and who, not surprisingly, also takes the name of the antipope John XXIII, Baldassarre Cossa. HERE

Did Benedict say this on other occasions? YES’. In the same Declaratio , Benedict specifies that the next pope must be elected “by those to whom he belongs.”

But in the Declaratio he wrote that he was leaving the “seat vacant”? NO . The Latin verb vacet literally translates as “free, empty, vacant seat” and, juridically, the renunciation of the ministerium does not produce a vacant seat. In fact, the pope took the helicopter and left the seat cleared, at the disposal of the usurpers. HERE

Will the situation be resolved with Bergoglio’s departure? NO . It is essential that either Benedict be restored to the throne (if alive), perhaps with a pseudo-re-election, or that the next conclave be pure, that is, composed only of pre-2013 cardinals or validated by Pope Benedict. HERE

Yet Benedict, in “Latest Conversations” (2016), seems to appreciate Francesco? NO . He made only neutral observations on some human characteristics of Bergoglio, such as his decisive character, his capacity to please the mass and his attention to consensus. No uniquely positive appreciation of man, zero comments on the alleged pope’s doctrine, holiness or ability to govern.

So when Benedict embraces Bergoglio is it all a scene? NO . Pope Benedict is sincere: like Jesus, he “loves his enemy”, that is, the illegitimate pope, which is very different from being his friend or recognizing him as a legitimate pope. Christ let himself be kissed by Judas: was it perhaps a scene? HERE

Has the Vatican ever denied your investigation? NO . Less than ever since March 2021, when the lawyer Estefania Acosta published her legal volume which denied the validity of the Declaratio as a waiver. HERE

And has Pope Benedict ever denied that your interpretation is true? NO. Not even when he honored us with a letter from him. If he were a former pope he certainly should have. Indeed, he gave us the only answer that he could give from the impeded see: “even with every good intent, it is not really possible to receive you”, accompanying the letter with his coat of arms as reigning pope. HERE

So does Benedict use some kind of veiled language? YES’. We have called it, for convenience, the “Ratzinger Code” and it has been analyzed and certified by various scholars, linguists, jurists, psychologists, writers, historians, Latinists. HERE

But Is this not a language only for specialists, canonists, theologians…? NO . Many messages from him are within everyone’s reach, some are understandable even by an eight-year-old child, like when he repeats that the pope is one without ever saying which one. Others are so direct (the “0 km messages”, as we have called them) that there is no need to interpret them. HERE

Are others messages more complex? YES. Like the “red mozzetta puzzle”, HERE or the key reference to medieval Pope Benedict VIII HERE . Some study is needed, but the meaning is clear and unequivocal.

But can’t Benedict speak more clearly? NO. He is in an impeded seat, a situation in which he is not free to express himself, so he uses the same language of Jesus to make understand only to those who “have ears to hear”. HERE

Do you therefore want Catholics to make a sort of selection among Catholics? YES’. In this way he intends to “separate believers from non-believers”, as he declared to Herder Korrespondenz this summer.

But Benedict sometimes calls Bergoglio “Pope Francis”? YES’. But he never says he’s the pope. Moreover, there is also Pope Theodore II who is not Catholic but Coptic Orthodox. He calls him that because Bergoglio IS the pope, exercises power, which has nothing to do with his legitimacy, his BEING pope. He is the illegitimate pope of the extended ministry.

So is Bergoglio an antipope? YES , of course. Because the previous pope is alive and not abdicated, therefore he abusively exercises the papal practical power not having the investiture of divine origin, the munus .

Has Bergoglio ever addressed the subject? NO. Indeed, he obsessively recommends not “gossiping”, presumably towards him. HERE

But is Bergoglio, as an antipope, assisted by the Holy Spirit? NO. From the point of view of faith, only the true pope is so, both ex cathedra and in ordinary teaching (art. 892 of the Catechism). HERE

But officially Bergoglio has already attempted to alter doctrine? YES, with the encyclical Amoris laetitia and the catechism in art 2267. HERE Then he “euthanized” the ancient mass in Latin, the only one to fully guarantee catholicity. HERE

Is Bergoglio Catholic? NO. He has a spirituality all his own, which draws on neoluteranism, neoarianism, neopaganism, psychoanalysis, esotericism, modernism, atheist ecology, syncretism, gnosis, apocatastasis. A spiritual conception much appreciated by the anti-Christian Freemasonry, so much so that Bergoglio has received about 70 letters of appreciation from lodges all over the world. HERE

Does this new religion, is it likeable? YES because it extinguishes the sense of sin, sends everyone to Heaven, nourishes emotionality and proposes itself as an easy philosophy of life. It has the same appeal as a weight loss diet based on pizza and sweets, or a risk-free financial investment with ample returns. However, it is not the teaching of Christ handed down by the Catholic Church for 2,000 years.

But at this point, since we like it, can’t we keep Bergoglio’s religion? NO, that’s not correct. Those who want to believe in Bergogliism are free to build a church on their own. But changing the 2,000-year-old Catholic faith by pretending to be Catholics is called a “scam”. It is illegal and nothing good can come of it.

Have authentic Catholics, linked to orthodoxy, all understood that Bergoglio is not the pope? NO . Not everybody. Only a minority party that explicitly recognizes Benedict XVI as pope. The others are the so-called una cum, who speak very badly of Francis, but recognize him as a legitimate pope and will probably give us another antipope, after him, approving a spurious conclave.

Is it a contradiction to speak ill of Francis and recognize him as pope? YES’. Because the pope is assisted by the Holy Spirit (even in ordinary teaching) and therefore Catholics cannot speak ill of him, or claim that he is a heretic, or an enemy of the faith, without offending the Trinitarian Third Person.

So the only theological explanation is in the fact that Bergoglio is not pope? YES’. In fact, Bergoglio is “justified” in doing what he does, that is, demolish Catholicism, as he is not the pope.HERE

Are there any ecclesiastics who have made statements to this effect? YES’. Three emeritus bishops (Lenga, Gracida, Negri) and several priests, monks, friars, nuns. Some were excommunicated without a canonical process. HERE

So everything Bergoglio has done in nine years is null and void? YES’. Everything will be canceled, except for a few acts of ordinary administration.

Will there be a schism after he dies? YES’. It is very probable, but it would be a good thing given that a large part of the clergy is no longer Catholic, has apostatized various dogmas and has acquired worldly and globalist demands that are completely contrary to the Catholic faith.

So is Pope Benedict purifying the Church? YES’. With his sacrifice, which legally annihilates the usurper, he has already schismed the heretics and modernists.

It therefore remains to be understood in which part the Petrine see will remain ? YES’. Much will depend on true Catholics and their willingness to fight for the true faith. For now, the “broad road” (downhill) offered by Bergoglio is convenient for many. HERE

So could a true Catholic Church rise out of nowhere? YES’. The true Church could lose everything, the Vatican, money, treasures, buildings etc. “Coming out of the synagogue” as in the early days of Christianity. But faith will be saved and, over time, the structure will also be resurrected.

Can the Cardinals do anything about this mess? YES’. For example, they can ask for a provincial synod to shed light on the impeded see of the bishop of Rome. But it would be enough for them to simply tell the truth, en bloc.

Would they be excommunicated by Bergoglio for doing this?  YES, in all likelihood, but the excommunication would be invalid as it was imposed by an antipope. Then a lot depends on the “critical mass”: it would be a bit hard for Bergoglio to excommunicate about fifty cardinals. HERE

Can the faithful do anything? YES’. Indeed, the responsibility lies largely in the hands of the laity since the clergy are punishable. They can spread the truth and demand clarity from their pastors. They can desert all the initiatives of the anti-papal Church, as the French Catholics did in 1790, making scorched earth around the clergy who had sworn allegiance to the Revolution.

Isn’t it strange that none of the mainstream media dares to touch upon the subject? YES’. And it is extremely concerning.

Wagner: The Russian Mercenaries who are Nazis too

Here are several reports:

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UNITED KINGDOM: Govt. “Vaccine Report” admits 2x Vaxxed will permanently lose all immune defenses

This is horrendus, but predicted by the true medical experts featured in reports here at in October.

Correspondent’s Comment: “The UK government has admitted that once you have been double-vaccinated, you will never again be able to acquire full natural immunity to Covid variants – or possibly any other virus. So let’s watch the “real” pandemic begin now!

“In its Week 42 “COVID-19 Vaccine Surveillance Report”, the UK Department of Health admits on page 23 that “N antibody levels appear to be lower in people who become infected after two doses of vaccination”. It goes on to say that this drop in antibodies is essentially permanent. What does this mean? We know that vaccines do not prevent infection or transmission of the virus (indeed, the report elsewhere shows that vaccinated adults are now much more likely to be infected than unvaccinated ones).

“The British now find that the vaccine interferes with the body’s ability to make antibodies after infection not only against the spike protein but also against other parts of the virus. In particular, vaccinated people do not appear to form antibodies against the nucleocapsid protein, the envelope of the virus, which is a crucial part of the response in unvaccinated people. In the long term, the vaccinated are far more susceptible to any mutations in the spike protein, even if they have already been infected and cured once or more. The unvaccinated, on the other hand, will gain lasting, if not permanent, immunity to all strains of the alleged virus after being naturally infected with it even once.”

Original source: