Microplastics now being found deep in lungs of 11 out of 13 patients

Editor’s Note: One of the errors of Russia, the pravda, the tactical lie which is the official truth, is seen here in this Twitter dialogue. First the fact, and then the pravda. The fact from a real human being. The tactical lie from a MKUltra AI bot-servant of the narrative.

The Divine Liturgy for Easter Wednesday at St. Michael’s Golden Domed Monastery, Kyiv

Editor’s Note: Being very devoted to the Holy Mother of God and Saint Michael, I could not fail to begin my coverage of the Christian faith of the Ukrainian people during the present war, than to film the morning Mass today at Saint Michael’s Golden Domed Monastery, in downtown Kyiv, Ukraine. — This 2 hour liturgy needs no commentary, because the visual and audible splendor of what you are about to see shows clearly how we Catholics in the West have been defrauded by secularized clergy for quite some time. For when clergy love God and love worshiping God, they beautify their Monasteries, Churches services, with art and music which raises the mind and spirit back to God and directs the Christian believer to things beyond what is visible and audible to things eternal and ever lasting.

I wish to publicly thank the monks of St. Michael’s monastery for so graciously permitting me to video live stream their liturgy without advance notice.

The lesson we Roman Catholics can take from this magnificent display of faith in action, art and culture, is that the very bitter debate since Vatican II, between the Novus Ordo LItury and the Traditional Roman Rite, wherein one side demands the vernacular and ends up in mediocrity, and the other Latin with a pharasaical punctuality, is totally superseded by the lesson of authentic LIturgical Tradition, wherein the vernacular (in this case the Ukrainian language) is not at war with faith, art, devotion, music and culture. The Catholic Church needs to liberate herself from this false dialectic and get back to worshipping God the author of Salvation and Beauty, and stop worrying about those who would find such a manner of worship too artistic or beautiful, because such souls are not yet ready for true salvation, but labor still under the very dark influence of the Evil One, who is the father of ugliness and mediocrity.

For those who have never seen the Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, please note that Morning Mass begins with the preparation of the gifts of bread and wine, which is then followed by Lauds (recitation of the Psalms) and then the Divine Liturgy (Mass).  Thus the signing begins in earnest about 30 minutes into this  2 hour video.

Note, also, that the Ukrainian Orthodox celebrated Easter this past Sunday, since they keep the Julian Calendar, according to which today’s date is April 15th, not 27th.

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Jewish Terrorist stabs Catholic Priest 20 times, at Nice, France

And, the assailant is identified, in this report:

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

It is not clear why someone identifying as Jewish, would stab a Polish Catholic priest, while shouting, “We must stop Macron”.  However, modern psychiatry conditions its victims to act out their deepest desires, no matter what the moral consequences. And many such cases, as this one, fit such a pattern.  Emmanuel Macron, who professes to be a Roman Catholic, was recently elected to a second term as President of France, defeating among others, a candidate who opposed Macron’s policy of de-Frenchifying France, and who is of Jewish descent, born in Morocco.

Terrorism is defined as the gratuitous use of violence to achieve a political goal. While this Jewish man is identified in the press as crazed, the political message he wanted to communicate makes his act of attempted homicide an act of terrorism.

There is a discernible pattern of allegedly mentally unstable individuals involved in political terrorism or assassinations. The most famous cases were the attempted assassinations of President Ronald Regan and Pope John Paul II in the 80’s. In both cases the individuals had sought medical care. And it is known, and thus cannot be excluded, that national intelligence agencies use MK-Ultra techniques to prepare such stooges. Nice, France, in particular has been such a scene on two previous occasions. The first, by a crazed Muslim driving a truck. He was recruited in southern Tunisia, where French intelligence is highly active promoting militias which opposed the government in Libya. He then rented a truck in Albania and got fire arms, there, where the CIA has been training Iranian Islamic Terrorists for at least a decade. — In the second attack another Tunisian attacked a Catholic Parish and murdered several parishioners by decapitating them. This attack served Macron’s current political maneuvering.

And finally, Saturday’s attack is clearly going to to have the effect of empowering Macron, who is strongly supported by Islamic Supremacists in French politics, to persecute his political opponents, by claiming they are the terrorists.

My personal prayers go out to Father Rudeniski and Sr.  Clair Claude. She deserves great praise for risking her life to save the priest.

The Catholic Cathedral of Hagia Sophia desecrated again

Editor’s Note: Built under the reign of the Catholic Emperor Justinian, the Hagia Sofia served as a Catholic Chruch for most if its history. A little know fact, that it was in the hands of the Greeks in schism from the true vicar of Christ, from 1054 to 1204, and then again in the 14th century til 1440’s when the Greek Emperor returned to communion with the Apostolic See. It fell to the Ottomans in 1453 A.D..