St. Michael the Archangel has driven the Russians from Kyiv!

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Saint Michael the Archangel is the holy protector of Kyiv. His golden statues tell this from the domes of many buildings in the city. (See featured image above).

Thus, when Putin godlessly attacked the Ukraine, and especially Kyiv, its capital, he directly offended this great Archangel.

In response, Saint Michael stirred the warrior spirit of the Ukrainian people and of all courageous men and woman of the world, who rushed to the defense of Kyiv.

And today, Saint Michael had his victory, for on this day there are no more Russian Federation forces in the country of Kyiv. They have all fled, being driven away by the fierce attacks of Ukrainians and after having confusion sown among them, their commanders, their supplies, their movements and even in their minds.

God is just. Saint Michael does protect his people!

And woe to all who have taken the side of the forces of darkness! For Saint Michael’s sword will not defend you, until you repent!

Attorney Callender: Why I have filed suit against US Govt. for genocide via the DeathVaxx

“Editor’s Note: The take away on this video is: This is a master plan that has been extraordinarily well coordinated … ” — Explains why you should under NO circumstance go to a hospital in the USA any more. Shows that the Nazis are not in the Ukraine, they are in the USA in the GOP and Democrat parties who have set this entire Scamdemic up.

My one warning about this video is that Callender says that for 2000 years the “owners” have been controlling us with fear. That makes me infer that he is anti-Christian, and perhaps a Mason or a Jew, because no one else would name the Christian Era as the cause of all problems.

For that reason, I would caution that his testimony is what might  be called disruptive disinformation, since he is pushing the narrative that all the tech necessary is already developed and working, which is an opinion which goes against all the commentators I have seen so far about the Great Reset. He is also saying that graphene hydroxide is self-assembling in the human body with the proper fundamental components. I am no expert in biology or chemistry, so I would not find that credible without scientific papers to demonstrate that. Rather, all the articles I have seen on graphene manufacturing say that it is extremely difficult to manufacture and requires high technological and clean invironments.

So keep in mind that Callender is ex-military, and thus may be part of a US Military Intelligence operation, and everything he is saying may not be true.

New Wave of Terrorism in Israel inspired by Islamic Cleric’s Numerology?

Editor’s Note: In this video, a popular Israeli commentator explains that an Iranian cleric has spread through the Mosques of Israel the notion that the Koran teaches mystically the state of Israel will cease to exist on July 8th of this year.

I do not understand anything about what is going on, but since I have been covering Globalist numerological superstitions, I would only point out that July 8, 2022, is 9 Dhul Hijjah 1443 AH in the Islamic Calendar, or 9/12/1443.  So if this Iranian cleric is a Mason, perhaps he is sending a signal, because 9+12+1+4+4+3 = 33 which is the Masonic symbol for the percentage of fallen angels, and which represents a day or event to advance the cause of Satan on earth.

Father Kramer says WWIII will break out after a disaster strikes Iran (Israeli nuclear attack ?). But if this cleric is indicating that Iran will nuke Tel Aviv, for example, on July 8 of this year, then such a counter attack might be the response.  I am only speculating. But July 8, 2022 is certain a date to watch, since as Klaus Schwab said, after the Pandemic, they will reduce the world population further, “by wars which we will create”.