Attorney Callender: Why I have filed suit against US Govt. for genocide via the DeathVaxx

“Editor’s Note: The take away on this video is: This is a master plan that has been extraordinarily well coordinated … ” — Explains why you should under NO circumstance go to a hospital in the USA any more. Shows that the Nazis are not in the Ukraine, they are in the USA in the GOP and Democrat parties who have set this entire Scamdemic up.

My one warning about this video is that Callender says that for 2000 years the “owners” have been controlling us with fear. That makes me infer that he is anti-Christian, and perhaps a Mason or a Jew, because no one else would name the Christian Era as the cause of all problems.

For that reason, I would caution that his testimony is what might  be called disruptive disinformation, since he is pushing the narrative that all the tech necessary is already developed and working, which is an opinion which goes against all the commentators I have seen so far about the Great Reset. He is also saying that graphene hydroxide is self-assembling in the human body with the proper fundamental components. I am no expert in biology or chemistry, so I would not find that credible without scientific papers to demonstrate that. Rather, all the articles I have seen on graphene manufacturing say that it is extremely difficult to manufacture and requires high technological and clean invironments.

So keep in mind that Callender is ex-military, and thus may be part of a US Military Intelligence operation, and everything he is saying may not be true.

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  1. Thanks for a key discernment tool/term”disruptive information.” Perhaps you could list or direct us to a source containing such terms in order to help us to be better ferreters of falsehoods and fibs.

  2. Still going on by them to this day!
    From the Sacred Liturgy: Auferte gentem perfidam credentium de finibus-(Take the Faithless tribe from the borders of the believing)

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