3 thoughts on “Devastating Exposé of Boris Johnson’s relationship with Putin Regime”

  1. I can’t help thinking that the coming WW3 as well as all these scandals with Right wing so called conservative parties has the purpose of discrediting nationalism and thus pushing the pendulum back towards the left and globalism.

  2. He and all those kremlin puppets are not conservatives, as much as trump was republican.. Sure this kremlin puppet as all EU politicians kremlin puppets on leadership positions don’t want kremlin regime to be changed in russia, they will all fall with that regime too.. They don’t care for 6 millions emmigrants, and others living in basements in Ukraine, among them many many small kids.. They all care about money they get from financing kremlin terrorist war economy by money launder all over the world.. It’s mystery how he is still prime minister after losing last elections.. Same way as biden was announced for president without winning, and not counting votes or public presentation.. that’s how kremlin terrorists had prepared everything for this criminal occupation.

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