Dr. Didier: We now have the proof that the Vaccine does not work at all

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9 thoughts on “Dr. Didier: We now have the proof that the Vaccine does not work at all”

  1. Sorry, Google translate refuses to translate this page into English. Why am I not surprised? 🙁

  2. Google is now censoring the translation. A message appeared that they could not translate it.

    1. I was able to have the article translated by clicking on the command “Go to original page” and then the google translate appeared on the top right of the page. Switch the language to “English” and voila!

  3. I used a translator. The translation below is close.

    More than ever against the current, Professor Didier Raoult, Director of the IHU Méditerranée Infection, analyzes the effect of the vaccine on the Covid epidemic. For him, “we have left science to enter into belief.” “Today, there are almost 10 billion vaccines inoculated worldwide. However, there have never been so many cases (of infected people). In France, which holds the record for the number of vaccinated just behind the United States, the situation is exactly the same. What is extremely strange and interesting is the desire to increase vaccination coverage for a vaccine that we have evidence before our eyes that does not work at all. religious and no longer scientific.

    The vaccine is no longer connected to reality. Indeed, it cannot be said that it stops the epidemic or that it is of interest to people who do not have risk factors. Vis-à-vis this, the tone rises and becomes more and more aggressive. Some even say: we will no longer treat people who are not vaccinated! So we no longer treat people who smoke and have lung cancer? We no longer treat people who drink and who have digestive cancers? Do you realize how far we can go? That people who hold high administrative positions can offer to no longer treat people who do not obey them? There are now studies that show that 50% of Democrats in the United States and 30% in England agree that unvaccinated people should be locked up!

    An unvaccinated does not represent a particular danger since here the proportion of positive people is as important in the vaccinated as in the unvaccinated. With data of this nature, you still can’t put people in concentration camps or lock them up in their homes because they don’t obey you! Otherwise, you fall into things reminiscent of part of World War II. When you want people to obey, it’s called totalitarianism. »

  4. prof Raoult’s words mean that the vaccines don’t do anything for our health, to the contrary…….

    If needed, I could translate the French text into English, but then I need patience/time.

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