Russia is “de-Nazifying” one of the least antisemitic countries in Europe

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13 thoughts on “Russia is “de-Nazifying” one of the least antisemitic countries in Europe”

  1. Are they a threat to Russians, though? Or is ethnic cleansing ok as long as it’s not Jews that are targeted?

  2. Can’t believe the level of antisemitism within those considering themselves faithful Catholics. Satan is busy EVERYWHERE and people refuse to see, hear, know the difference between God and Satan within themselves. No group has any monopoly on either God or Satan…Both good and evil everywhere.

    1. I publish this graphic to illustrate something for the ongoing debate about the justice of Russia’s war of aggression. I do not know what the definition of antisemitic is, that is used to formulate this map. But as it was made prior to the current govt. being formed in Ukraine, I think its worthy of consideration. I think most Christians, if it were explained to them the difference between Sabbatean Jews and Talmudic Jews, might be considered a lot less antisemitic, since the former are godless atheists and doing the most to undermine Christianity.

      1. Brother Alexis, Kabbalist or Sabbatean: they are one and the same. At least it is so on .

        ‘ Michael Hoffman explains that Cabalist Jews consider non-Jews to be satanically possessed, worse than beasts. Jews, on the other hand, are the Highest Expression and Purpose of Creation. Cabalist Jews channel God’s will. “In a Talmudic and Kabbalistic culture, gentiles are fair game because they are considered demonic sub-humans.”’

        Deep dive:

    2. Anti-semitic, Its a Trick, We Always Use it

      This link below shares the TRUTH regarding the ”antisemitism” card that is used repeatedly as history has been rewritten and they have fomented this false narrative as a means to CONTROL, BRAINWASH, AND MANIPULATE the masses of the Christian and other goyim / cattle / sub humans-


      Anti-semitic, Its a Trick, We Always Use it –

  3. Lies, damned lies and statistics. Zelensky incorporated a notorious Nazi group into his armed forces.

    1. Maybe he did so because they are not Nazis? Don’t take propaganda as your first premise of reality, investigate everything.

  4. Thank you all above for acknowledging the existence of the Sabbateans. It is perhaps the single most important distinction that we can make, repeat, and insistence upon in order to effectively love both ourselves and our various neighbors too many to number, and if course the Sabbateans, our Lord’s, and therefore our mortal enemies.

  5. ‘Anti-Semitic’, which is supposed to mean anti-Jewish, is itself a non-sensical term. ‘Semite’ refers to a descendent of Sem, one of the three sons of Noah. The descendents of Sem include a lot more peoples than just Jews, such as Arabs and other Middle Easterners. To call someone ‘anti-semitic’ literally means to call them ‘anti-descendents-of-Sem’.

    1. The modern usage of antisemetic is another example of modern Jewery appropriating for its exclusive use, what belongs to its neighbors. The Romans after defeating the Jewish rebellions laid down a law which was observed until the French Revolution in all Western Countries, that Jews could not own real estate. They understood the problem profoundly. It is considered discriminatory today, but the Romans had simple solutions for complex problems. In Catholic Kingdoms of Europe, Monarchs often expelled all the Jews, because of all the crimes and infamies being committed by some Jews. In both cases, probably a lot of innocent Jews were unjustly treated. However, the diverse system of morality which Talmudic Jews observe, from the Christian system, causes habitual controversies to arise between both peoples. It is similar to the problem of freed slaves in the USA, who were given back their freedom but who were never given back their culture or family structure. They have struggled to rebuild it in close association to Christian Churches, but in certain cities, where Marxists have promoted their own ideologies, they have succeeded in creating a culture of mayhem which is a constant source of crime against themselves and others. These are complex problems, and justly do not have simple solutions, because all law presupposes morality, and morality presupposes an agreement about who is God and who is the Teacher of morals.

  6. The term ‘anti-semitic’ was coined in 1816 by writer Moritz Steinschneider.
    Something to think about:
    The first legislative act of the (Jewish) Bolshevik government in Russsia was the passing of the ”antisemitism act”.
    The act made it a criminal offence to defame Jews and Judaism. Even a joke about the Jews was considered a ‘hate crime’ punishable by 10 years in prison.

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