St. Michael the Archangel has driven the Russians from Kyiv!

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Saint Michael the Archangel is the holy protector of Kyiv. His golden statues tell this from the domes of many buildings in the city. (See featured image above).

Thus, when Putin godlessly attacked the Ukraine, and especially Kyiv, its capital, he directly offended this great Archangel.

In response, Saint Michael stirred the warrior spirit of the Ukrainian people and of all courageous men and woman of the world, who rushed to the defense of Kyiv.

And today, Saint Michael had his victory, for on this day there are no more Russian Federation forces in the country of Kyiv. They have all fled, being driven away by the fierce attacks of Ukrainians and after having confusion sown among them, their commanders, their supplies, their movements and even in their minds.

God is just. Saint Michael does protect his people!

And woe to all who have taken the side of the forces of darkness! For Saint Michael’s sword will not defend you, until you repent!

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8 thoughts on “St. Michael the Archangel has driven the Russians from Kyiv!”

  1. Indeed, St. Michael the Archangel did protect Kyiv in battle…
    The whole country is riled up and not accepting defeat.
    It’s still going to take extraordinary force to get the Russian’s OUT of Mariupol though destroyed.
    The U.S. MUST give the Ukrainians all possible weapons and technology…The best. Train them to use it. Were Trump in the Oval; THIS WOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED. Were he to be correctly returned to the Oval right now; THIS WAR WOULD BE OVER IN A MATTER OF HOURS.

    1. The individual who appears to have launched this claim on Twitter said, when questioned, that he had no evidence it happened. Yes. the bomb missed the sink, but no source says the family there was Catholic, had 9 children, or were praying the rosary for protection.

  2. Je pense que vous allez un peu vite dans vos conclusions… L’histoire est, à mon avis, loin d’être écrite. Attendons plutôt de voir ce qu’il va se passer dans les semaines à venir, on pourrait bien avoir des surprises…

    1. Quand on utilise l’idéologie politique au lieu de la loi morale pour comprendre l’histoire, on en arrive à dire des choses honteuses, comme vous venez de le faire.

  3. Is it possible taht the Russians do not want to take over Ukraine? That we are seeing an orderly retreat, and not a defeat? Is is possible the Russians are doing what they said was their objective, which is to create NATO free zone in eastern Ukraine? If this alternative view is correct, we should see Russian forces leave here, and enforce in the Donbas region at this point.

    1. After defeat at Kyiv, they have announced intention to divide Ukraine, East to West, and rule in the East, in a Korean Peninsula kind of division of states. Will they succed? I doubt it. Their military is incapable of victory against the Ukrainians.

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