Bill Gates’ Witch says that Trump will lead the great Satanic awakening
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15 thoughts on “Bill Gates’ Witch says that Trump will lead the great Satanic awakening”

  1. What is meant with ‘occultist’?

    From our Latin lessons: occultus means hidden/secret.

    1. An occultist, in English, is someone involved in the occult, that is, in satanic or demonic rituals.

  2. The great awakening is not satanic, but anti-satanic.

    Satanic is the ‘great reset’!

    And: does anyone know if the smoking hero got back to ‘freedom’?

    1. In the USA, “great awakening” is a term which has a long history, first used by protestants in the 18th century, in a movement which gave rise to pentacostals. But as Trump practices the mind control systems of Normal Peal, and used MAGA as a mantra (see MAGA articles here at, it is pretty sure that this witch is not using it in the Christian sense, but in the sense of the masses returning to the worship of Satan which prevailed before the coming of Christ.

      1. Agree 100%. Now try to convince other pro-life Catholics about these sentiments. It was Norman Vincent Peale who married Trump and Ivanka. Peale was a 33rd degree Scottish-Rite Freemason.

  3. I totally agree he’s the best liar and puppet ever put in office , he’s there nail in the coffin catching souls by the thousands and still being groomed to carry on this work of Lucifer and his minions , so many are blinded by the World the Flesh and the Devil! In Christo Et Maria

  4. Since when does a faithful Catholic listen to what a medium or witch has to say? These people are sons and daughters of Satan, the Father of Lies. Their pronouncements are fruits of divination, a mortal sin. The only time it’s ok to listen to what a demon has to say is when an official Catholic exorcist priest commands the demon in the Name of Jesus to tell the truth about something.

    1. What you say is the guiding rule, however, satanists recognize one another, and their testimony to this cannot be ignored.

  5. The devil and his minions have no special knowledge of the future, which belongs to God alone and to whom He wants to reveal it.

    1. They know the future only inasmuch as its entire cause is already apparent and existing. But they do know who is the servant of their devilish master.

  6. His push of the DeathVaxx did much to undermine the pro-life credentials he once enjoyed. It seems never, though, that he has appreciated a danger in the gay agenda. That said, we are supposed to take as reliable the witness of a witch? Reminds me of another whose moniker in our house is “Benghazi.”

  7. Catholic voters had the duty to pick the lesser of two evils. Voting against the known “devil” of Hillary Clinton meant good Catholics chose the “Deep Blue Sea” of Trump; who as it turned out, wasn’t as bad as feared: he did lots of pro-life and patriotic things despite his other failings and deficiencies. Verdict on his presidency: “A pause in the erosion of Constitutional rights; Could have been a lot worse.”
    Given the choice of voting for Trump over Biden or Harris, I would vote again for Trump as least of three evils.

    1. No, Catholic voters HAVE THE GRAVE DUTY to run for office in a CATHOLIC PARTY and do everything lawful to win and vote for such Catholics. Period. There is never ANY duty to vote for one mason over another mason.

  8. I find it “strange” that so many “Catholics” like Trump. Presumably the majority are Bogus Ordo types, not necessarily trads, although Michael Matt and his Remnant Newspaper are not adverse to endorsing Globalist POTUS nominees like John “pro-abortion” McLame and liar Trump.
    Guess this is what 500 years of Judeo-Masonry infiltration, along with papal advocacy of usury and sodomy w/in the Church will do to the regular man in the pew. And, of course, it doesn’t help that Catholic Action in America in non-existent. (If you want to help get rid of the {{problems}} in America, email me at

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