7 thoughts on “USA: Bergoglian Hierarch Complicit in Sanitary Terror at Chicago”

  1. Daily posted more horrors upon horrors yet in trad chapels there partying begging for fiat money and totally blinded to what’s upon us especially Pius X group , my friend stated at mass he saw a man with a pony tail and gun at his side also many immodest dressed men and woman , last priest asked him if he knew if any wealthy people to donate , God Bless

    1. What’s wrong with Dr. Zelenko?
      Have heard NOTHING and I adore the Doctor. Had the best information early in the Pandemic and helped my whole family stay strong so when we all had Covid…We were the lucky who hardly had any symptoms at and it was gone within a week or everyone in turn. Not one person has had the Death Vaxx.
      I owe the man our lives…
      God bless Dr. Zelenko

    2. If, by chance, you have access to him & given his openness to alternative therapies: Photobiomodulation is coming into its own: red & low infrared light stimulation of the mitochondria & other critical biochemical foci. To date, no known bad side effects. In any case, praying as you request.

  2. Gee, I wonder whether his palm was greased to be her ghostwriter — a “dark hand” for a Lightfoot: virus craze entered shutdown phase via Cardinal Blaise.
    Perhaps he volunteered in view of a potential future political favor.
    In any case, the assumption that safety of the body supercedes well-being of the soul has been enormously abject.
    However humanly-contrived has been both Wuhan infection & the DeathJab “solution,” we forget that the Black Death wasn’t: its latter-day cousin may yet make an appearance, sparing no “elites.”

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