5 thoughts on “Excess Mortality skyrocketed world-wide in 2021”

  1. Dear brothers in the Faith;
    The “mRNA vaccines”, that in reality are an epigenetic
    therapy (or maybe autoimmune disease inducing modification) ,
    were NEVER tested in persons that ALREADY contracted
    the disease Covid-19 provocated by SARS-CoV-2.
    Newspunch webzine published an article reporting that
    a section of that virus mRNA was already registered in
    2018… in the genomic/proteomic repository “BLAST”.

    My advice is: 1) Try not to get the virus, reinfection is dangerous; 2) Use FFP-2 mask; 3) Try to limit the place
    where You go… to house, church, work, supermarket,
    beach, country-side, any open and sunny place is good;
    4) Buy a HEPA-4 air-filter and put to the right of Your
    bed (Alps, Dyson, etc.); 5) I’m not sure, but maybe
    NOVAVAX vaccination is good.

      1. You are correct, Editor (Bro Alexis)
        I mean, I got sick for about two weeks – it’s flu season. I wasn’t worried. I had all my therapeutics, supplements, even a little Ivermectin! I was sick, but unworried. And I survived!!!

        And I have faith in Jesus Christ. I tell him daily I have trust in him, and will accept what he bestows on me. then I go about my business (which isn’t much these days!!! 😝)

  2. ‘The WEF/CCP Cabal’ Depopulation Program effective and going to increase just as PLANNED.

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