New Pfizer Document dump shows DeathVaxx killed every child in the womb

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6 thoughts on “New Pfizer Document dump shows DeathVaxx killed every child in the womb”

  1. Depopulation Plans by ‘The WEF/CCP Cabal’ effective in this area…’Spontaneous Abortions’ HIGHLY EFFECTIVE.

  2. This story released BY Pfizer is meant to stur up mass outrage. Then there can be a faux trial with some “low-hanging fruit” being thrown in jail. But the mass manipulation over the decades has made most people say something, “oh well, let’s see what Beyonce has to say about x, y, z.” This state of affairs is horrendous but true.

  3. In early 2021, the former president of Argentina’s Association
    of Medical Genetics, Dr. LUIS MARCELO MARTINEZ, told
    the Argentinian Congress about the absolute experimental
    nature of this “vaccines” (that are not), and the need of at
    least 5 years of experimentation in a small controlled group
    of patients, in order to determine if mRNA epigenetic therapy
    is safe (before mRNA was used in very deadly diseases, like
    Skin Melanoma). He yelled: ” We are not guinea pigs !!!”

  4. If the news are accurate, the deathrate produced by the Pfitzer serum is roughly 97%! That means an almost fulproof death! It’s a true nazi extermination plan!

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