Ordo Militaris Catholicus’ call to arms for Ukraine

If you want to fight for Ukraine but do not have training, check this out

Our Proposal

ATTENTION: Prospective Recruits who either have no military training or who want to serve in a group with NATO training under a special agreement with the Ukrainian Military Command that permits definitive terms of service and pay, rather than unlimited length for the duration of the war. –     NATO quality professional military trainers for basic combat training program 12-16 weeks in length, for light infantry squads are also sought.

TRAINING: The 16 week program would include 4 weeks of physical and endurance training, emphasizing good nutrition, personal self discipline, hygiene and collaboration; 12 weeks of Basic Combat Training at NATO standards for light infantry, from individual skills to squad and platoon level tactics with weapons.

TERMS: Training is free to all men 18-35 years of age, in good health, physically and mentally. You will agree to a background check and a medical checkup under our supervision. If you pass, the costs will be paid by us, if you do not you will pay the costs. During the training you will be charged only room and board at $1000 USD per month. Your military equipment will be sold to you at cost, with that cost deducted from your pay during the next 24 months after completion of training, or if you prefer paid up front.

GOALS: To form squads and platoons which are trained to fight together under commanding officers chosen by our Order. During training we will invite military representatives from Ukraine to observe our program and upon completion we will negotiate a 2 year service contract for entire group with Ukrainian authorities, so that they serve as part of Ukrainian Armed Forces, not as mercenaries: to get standard pay, but with a option to return home after 2 years rather than stay in Ukraine for the duration of the conflict. Deployment of our trained units will be at the disposition and discretion of Ukrainian Military Command.

DISCLAIMER: Our offer is made as a service rendered to the recruits and our organization will not take liability for any injury or death during or after training. Each recruit will be obliged to sign a disclaimer taking all responsibility on himself, before, during and after. We will attempt in good faith to notify next of kin in event of injury or death of recruits during or after training. Recruits who serve with us 2 years after training will be welcomed at our Commanderies world wide here after, and receive the status as Knights in our Order for life. If our trainers at any point during the training program believe you are physically, psychologically or morally unfit to serve with the other men, you will be dismissed, having been warned 2x beforehand to correct your behavior.

Contact Info: +48 789 900 453 — (Warsaw – we respond in English, from 9 AM to 6 PM)

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5 thoughts on “Ordo Militaris Catholicus’ call to arms for Ukraine”

  1. Do you really suport a masonic Ukraine?
    Let’s build a new Templer ordo. Yes. I am with you. But not for this goal!

    1. OMC is non political. OMC follows Catholic teaching on just war. OMC supports defending Ukrainian Christian families from genocide. Any Templar would agree. Anyone who disagrees is a Mason.

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