Pfizer & Moderna Hidden Data shows DeathVaxxes were intended as Human Experimentations

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4 thoughts on “Pfizer & Moderna Hidden Data shows DeathVaxxes were intended as Human Experimentations”

  1. Lots of deaths happened in Hospitals… patients infected with
    SARS-CoV-2 were treated (and still are) with the following:
    1) Oxigen (given to a lung that could not absorb O2,
    because the arteries were being blocked by cloths).
    2) Intubation, that can favour infectious diseases and
    scars (that needs also point 3, since it is not bearable)
    3) Sedatives (that also provoke sleep and a diminished
    respiratory instinct)
    4) Antivirals like Interferon, which proved not to work.
    5) Antibiotics, with mixed effects.
    6) Cortisone, and after one year of protocols it was proven
    to be harmful in the first week of Covid-19, useful in the second.

    In Italy, Dr. REMUZZI of the Mario Negri Farmacology
    Institute, discovered “ex-post” a protocol, after
    interviewing many people that had tested positive for
    SARS-2 and never went to any hospital and neither
    aggravated nor died …
    1) ASPIRIN (instead of Paracetamol)
    2) NIMESULIDE – AULIN (in many countries is forbidden)…
    can be changed with MEFENAMIC ACID.
    3) CORTISONE (given by a Medical Doctor but only after the second week of disease, before it will help virus replication)

    Now hospitals are adding HEPARINE (Clexane in Italy);
    NORMIX for the intestinal-diarrhoic form.

    Last additions are TELMISARTAN and FLUVOXAMINE.

    Less than 2% of the patients will go to hospital with this
    therapies. Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Blueberry and Zinc can
    be added to all these drugs, are helpful but NOT ENOUGH.

  2. It is very difficult to believe any justice in human terms can result from this, especially when Sabbatean proxy “once CIA-always-CIA” Steve Bannon is reporting it.

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