You have heard of SnowFlakes, now there are Raindrop-Deniers

Editor’s Note: Those who want to exonerate Russia for its war of aggression or justify inaction in the defense of Ukraine and her calls for help, are becoming increasingly desperate. From denials that there are more than a few thousands Russian Federation Forces in Ukraine, to claims as absurd as this one, that a dead man waved his hand as the camera passed — which in the minds of those seeking excuses, proves that no one was killed in Bucha, or if anyone was, that the artillery bombardments by Ukrainian Armed forces, caused hundreds of persons to die from gun shots to the head, with hands tied behind their backs, buried in mass graves, raped and burnt nude, or stuffed into wells.

Putin is an antichrist, and as we have seen in the Scamdemic, those who believe the propaganda are becoming increasingly divorced from reality.

This video shows that the movement on the screen was not the hand of the dead corpse, but a rain drop crossing the windshield under the force of the on-coming air.

Note: “SnowFlakes” is the term for those liberals who have emotional meltdowns at things they disagree with. It became a common term of reproach against the critics of Donald Trump during his first term of office.

UPDATE: In related news…

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6 thoughts on “You have heard of SnowFlakes, now there are Raindrop-Deniers”

    1. Demonitization is the perogative of a platform, and it does not stop the truth being told. I never took ads from anyone. I speak the truth and supporter come for that. Should Google be censorign. No. But if they want to shift their ads to one part of the narrative, that I do not like, which is not immoral per se, but in this case is the just part, they are free to do so, even though I take a neutral stand on it.

      1. Dear Warrior Monk from Rome Alexis,

        You will ALWAYS have the unconditional support of This Ancient Israelite Autist, no matter HOW MUCH we may DISAGREE on certain issues.

        You showed your character as a Man of Faith and Courage when you stood up to those who would carry out THEIR Final Solution for THEIR Human Problem with the ongoing attempted medical mass murder of most of Humanity.

        We WILL defeat them, and we WILL save whom we can before This is ALL OVER.

        Shalom from Jerusalem, ISRAEL,


    1. A war is not just or unjust, because there are “good guys” only one one side or or either site. A War is just or unjust because it was begun with or without justice. And even an bad guy can have just cause to defend himself. doubt that, and you play right into the Marxist hands, who want to take the guns away from everyone… I operate on Catholic principles, and I know Jesus is the good guy, and I fight with Him for justice.

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