A Catholic Professor speaks about what constitutes a Just War

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2 thoughts on “A Catholic Professor speaks about what constitutes a Just War”

  1. Reading the article, I wondered about the professor’s deployment of colonists’ revolution against Britain as it contrasts with the Ordo Militaris Radio and TV account. If I am not mistaken, it was a freemasonic revolution. What is happening 5000 miles from DC seems to be, as the Professor analogizes, more similar to the freemasonic reality of that revolution. There is a lot to unpack that is beyond my level and time. I also find it curious that he sites a pagan war tactician who, if I recall correctly, felt the greatest war victory was achieved by non kinetic warfare. Am I way off the mark to find a lot of probably unintended irony in this article, especially when freemasons notoriously use warfare as a distraction for domestic grabs for power and other nefarious objectives?

    1. The American Revolution was not started by the Freemasons who had too little influence in that age. And it was never intended as a revolution fo independence, just a tax grievance. But when the Crown began a system of brutal repression of expressions of that grievance, then the colonists did have a just right to start a war of independence. So the American Revolution was conducted on the American side according to just war principles.

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