Archbishop Viganò embraces Br. Bugnolo’s call for a great Catholic Reset

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

This morning, at Rome, Aldo Maria Valli published his interview with Archbishop Viganò covering a wide range of topics regarding the state of the Church in the world, at present. (Full Text in Italian here)

And during this interview, the Archbishop has surprised the Catholic World, by finally agreeing that the Renunciation of Pope Benedict XVI need to be investigated, and the Conclave of 2013, if proven uncanonical, declared null and void. You can read the entire interview in Italian, here.

Here is my English translation of the key passage. These are the words of the Archbishop:

Certain popes — let us not forget — are granted (by God); others are inflicted (as a punishment). But before one discusses the next Conclave, it is necessary to shed light on the abdication of Benedict XVI and on the question of the frauds in the Conclave of 2013, which sooner or later must give place to an official investigation.  If evidence of irregularities should be found, the Conclave would be declared null, the election of Bergoglio, null, just as all of his nominations would be null, his acts of governance and teaching. A reset that would providentially bring us back to the status quo ante (the way things were before him, with a College of Cardinals composed only of the Cardinals nominated until the time of Benedict XVI, excluding all those created from 2013 onwards, all of which are notorious ultra-progressives.  Certainly, the actual situation, with all the revelations regarding the resignation of Ratzinger and the election of Bergoglio, don’t help the Body of the Church and create confusion and disorientation among the Faithful.

By these words, I do not think it is an exaggeration to say he is quoting my article of March 6, 2021, entitled, “Pope Benedict XVI has prepared for the Great Catholic Reset of the World”, where I wrote these words:

And that Reset will begin by proclaiming the Truth that Benedict XVI is the pope and insisting on a Second Synod of Sutri to depose Bergoglio the pretender, antipope and false prophet of Globalism, and utterly condemn all his falsehoods, lies, blasphemies, heresies and errors!

With Benedict XVI restored, then the Church will be empowered with clarity to reject Globalism, Vatican II, the Aggiornamento and all which has come forth from Modernism and Neo-Modernism.

I have long criticized the Archbishop for beating around the bush and ignoring these questions.  If I had a wine cellar, I would be opening my second bottle of Spumanti, after Patrick Coffin declared for Pope Benedict!

Now let us all stir up a mighty tempest under the chairs of every Bishiop, quoting them the words of Archbishop Viganò: the renunciation and the conclave MUST BE INVESTIGATED! Ask them to call for either a provincial Council in the Province of Rome, Italy, which can lawfully hear and determine these questions, or for a General council.

Now is the time for war! Long live Pope Benedict XVI, may he soon be restored to governance of the Church!

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30 thoughts on “Archbishop Viganò embraces Br. Bugnolo’s call for a great Catholic Reset”

  1. I think all of the devils in Hell will come after this proposition…and yet, I admire Card Vigano for coming forward that it should be investigated. All Christian’s should add extra daily prayers for this intention. It is not a battle of 2 Popes. It is a battle of the preservation of the One, Holy, and Apostolic Church founded by Christ to give grace…and the salvation of souls
    No matter how painful this may be, it seems right and just.

  2. Allelulia! This welcome news will receive wide attention most probably through English translation on the “Inside the Vatican” , “Lifesite” and Taylor Marshall’s Blogs.
    Give it 24 hours and see what splash it makes in the Anglosphere.

    Other good news: to the consternation of the EU, their bete-noir Victor Oban was re-elected president in Hungary.

    1. Yes, Passiontide is having its effect this year…. Viganoàs confession is going to cause the Anglophone Catholic world some hiccups, since most are invested in the narrative that Bergoglio is more certainly pope than Jesus Christ is God.

  3. Deo gratias for this encouraging news. That reset article of yours is powerful, Brother Alexis. One of your best.

  4. C’est bien mais qui a le pouvoir réel de provoquer cette enquête officielle ?

  5. Hooray . Archbishop Vigano is the only one near the mark…always so near the Truth….may God protect him and protect and bless His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI.

  6. While the Abp does mention shedding light on the abdication, his emphasis is on the liceity of the ’13 Conclave: for whatever reason, he continues to dance around the explicit issue of the “munus.” Unless that core issue be addressed, a “Re-set” will limp.

    Pope Benedict has laid a considerable burden on the Faithful seeking, as a necessary means of salvation, union with Peter. This must be lifted that it not remain the scarring legacy of his pontificate.

  7. So Brother, do you still suggest Archbishop Vigano is a Freemason/Freemasonic sympathizer, or do you withdraw that charge? That’s when I stopped listening to you by the way, and reconsidered my intention to support you financially, figuring you were probably one yourself. In God’s Peace…

      1. Excellent! Support coming your way. We’ve got an Archbishop and a Brother, that’s a start…

        Deo Gratias!

    1. I still don’t trust Vigano. I hope I will be proven wrong. It looks to me that he has been acting as a politician. Now that the “B16 is still the pope” narrative got momentum he jumped into that train. We are so used to bad clergy that anybody resembling honesty shines. But I think Vigano lacks clarity in his messages and he doesn’t point to practical solutions. He just tells you what a portion of the population is feeling. It looks like he is playing a role. Also all the “he is hiding” thing is dubious. Nobody can be hiding in these days, specially if you continue to have contact to the external world by world wide messages. But as I said this is my subjective opinion and I hope to be proven wrong. Also what kind of reset is he proposing? Two kinds I possible see: “the church was wrong”kind of reset, or 2: “the church was always right ” kind of reset. Similar to marriage annulment: “there was a marriage but it was annulled, or there was never a marriage that is why is null. One of the resets can do a lot of damage and the difference may be subtle.

      1. Vigano is the only high ranking member of the church that I know of who has fearlessly given it to the death cult and their plans to exterminate as many as possible. He has been clear and forceful in his opposition to the clot shot and the cabal pushing it, as well as the world dominion it seeks. He has been on the side of truth, hardly a freemason or whatever, as his support of clearing the Benedict matter also proves. In their darkest moments, he gave hope to those who stood against Draghi. He called a spade a spade. He has also cautioned against jumping on the Ukraine bandwagon and repeating one-sided versions of what is happening there, which seems prudent given the vicious propaganda war being fought there. Who else in the hierarchy has taken on the power grabbers the way he has? Nobody.

  8. Sorry, but I do nt agree with such a great optimism.
    Maybe Archibishop Viganò well knows that such “official investigation” that he calls on will likely not take place in a near future…

    He is calling to “shed light on the abdication of Benedict XVI”, but though this has not been done by an official Vatican commission, plenty of evidences are available today.
    Based on such evidences, as a Bishop he should recognize BXVI as P.P. first of all, instead of waiting for some “official authority” state about this matter.
    Other bishops have had this courage, not he.

    Archbishop Vigano would become really credible to me only at that moment.
    For the time being, his speech is only dense black smoke to my eyes…
    Too early in my point of view to withdraw any charge to him.

  9. Hi Br

    I think this is quite urgent and something that most people are missing.

    I refer you to Damian Galeron’s ‘intelligence’ and the video here; Events to Come 2021/2022 (, about the processes ; blackout, release of a new deadly variant/disease, poisoning of the water, asteroid, nuclear war; [although the sequence process is ‘adjusted’]

    Note the date of the publication of the video; December 15th 2021;

    Russia invaded Ukraine 24 Feb 2022;
    Doctor’s Alert world to Water poisoning/contamination via alternative media platforms; March -April 2022
    We see China in another beta test lockdown in Shanghai and the article here in the UK just today ; ‘ Lockdown Boris Johnson refuses to rule out another lockdown in event of deadly Covid variant
    and here, again, the same day;⁣THEY’RE NOT DONE WITH ‘COVID’ YET – DAVID ICKE (

    Note again The date of the publication of the Galeron/kelly video is First published at 17:39 UTC on December 15th, 2021.

    All has been mentioned on the news since then, we are indeed facing thermo-nuclear war, Biden has mentioned food shortages, cyber attacks that could well cause a blackout. Just recently i have been alterting people to an increasing amount of Doctors warning of the contamination of water supplies; poisoning of the water.

    And then today here is the article, perhaps, for the asteroid ? ‘City-killer’ asteroid may hit Earth in 2022, says NASA | Inquirer Technology
    The date for this given is May 6th and Galeron stated it to be in the first two weeks of May 2022, the NASA DATE OF A POSSIBLE IMPACT is on MAY 6th 2022 [although the stated size is smaller than Galeron’s 7km but still sizable 400 sq ft? please see article
    again please see my Gloria Tv Account ‘ Tom Fisherman.

    please be careful and prudent.



  10. Sorry, but I do nt agree with such a great optimism.
    Maybe Archibishop Viganò well knows that such “official investigation” that he calls on will likely not take place in a near future…

    He is calling to “shed light on the abdication of Benedict XVI”, but though such investigation has not been performed by an official Vatican commission yet, plenty of evidences are already available since several years.
    He certainly know the Canon 332.2, so why he is calling on someone else investigation ?
    Based on the evidences already available, as a Bishop he should recognize BXVI as the “Pontifex Pontificum” first of all, instead of waiting for some “official authority” states about this matter.
    Other bishops have had the courage to do so, not he.

    Archbishop Vigano would become really credible to me only at that moment.
    For the time being, his speech is only dense black smoke to my eyes…
    Too early in my point of view to withdraw any charge to him.

  11. Totally agree with Diego O and RR!

    In fact, let us analyze Viganò’s answer:

    He says: “Before we *talk* about the next conclave…”, it is necessary to shed light on the issue of the “resignation” and the 2013 “conclave”, all of which would lead to an “official investigation” “sooner or latter”.

    Well… ¿Who would be the competent authorities [in Viganò’s discourse] to develop such investigation? ¿How “sooner” or how “latter” would they need to do it?

    Because then, he says that if those acts were null, the Church would be providentially purged of all the fake progressists cardinals invalidly appointed by Bergoglio… And he ends by saying that catholics may ask God for a “good Pope” for the Church.

    So, is it that, in Viganò’s discourse, would be that “good Pope” the one that would purge the Church of everything Bergoglio has done, and “everybody happy”? We know it doesn’t work that way and that wouldn’t be a real, canonical solution (but would certainly be, for many, a very convenient trick…).

    Remember, Viganò begins his answer with: “before we *talk* about the next conclave…”, but that is not the same as saying “before the next conclave *may be validly convoked*…”

    So, I would just say to be careful, and no so rapidly optimistic. Let us wait…

  12. What I find strange, here, is that by commentators whose comments I will not publish, I was more viciously attacked for withdrawing my charge, than I was in making it. — Alas, some people never need a reason to hate. If you do something virtuous they hate you and if you fail in virtue they hate you. But they always hate you, and for them, the only one who needs to repent are those other than themselves.

    As regards the comments I did publish, I think that Vigano has called for a discussion and investigation. To merely think he said something and doe s not mean it, is un charitable. If a man says something wrong in public, when he should know better or does know better, we can fault him for it. And contrariwise if he says something right, on the key question of the day which regards the salvation of the Church and souls, we should not begrudge him praise by continuing to doubt his intentions. How would we ever reconcile a fallen brother if we acted like this?

  13. Br. Bugnolo what is your respond to this published today by Ed Feser.


    “To call Benevacantism half-baked would be too generous. It is a complete theological mess. It offers no solution whatsoever to the problems posed by Pope Francis’s controversial words and actions, and in fact makes things much worse. And on top of that it leads Catholics into the grave sin of schism. Hence, as I say, it is both scandalous and pointless at the same time.”

    1. Well, as founder of the Scholasticum, I suppose its my professional duty to refute his argument. Maybe today, as it wont take but an hour to do so.

      1. On, second thought, since he beings with an ad hominem — which Aristotle says is the trick of the Sophist when he has no reasons to defend his own position with — and then proceeds without manifesting the smallest comprehension that the problem is a canonical one, not a phiilosophical or hermetical problem — I will simply remain silent, because no one with good will, doing a google search for even one hour, would argue this way, as they would commit the error which he denounces at the beginning of his essay, that of Latakos, who crafted an argument on the basis of historical facts which he himself invented out of thin air. It is particularly shameful that a philosopher who reads Aristotle in Greek, won’t read Canon Law in Latin. He is a professional academic and his diatribe is beneath his reputation by some light years.

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