32 thoughts on “How your misuse of Social Media can drag you down into the Darkness”

  1. What Br Bugnolo says is so true. For the most part, participating in so-called social media is the equivalent of “bar talk”.

  2. Thank you, Brother. And thank God for your saintly father. If there were just one thing (there are of course many) that I value about your work, it would be its virtuous charity that balances justice and mercy motivated always by the salvation and sanctification of both yourself and your neighbor. Your work highlights the great difference there is between being a fool and being a fool for Christ. Thanks for helping me to be a little less foolish and a lot more desirous if being a fool for Christ.

  3. Pope Francis actually kissed an AZOV FLAG from Bucha?


    In my opinion, Francis is a half-Pope, while in the past there
    were “not so good full-popes”, as ALESSANDRO VI BORGIA,
    and JULIUS II Della ROVERE, and maybe LOTARIO dei CONTI
    di SEGNI.
    He is really a naive Pope. Not a very evil one. Not a Diplomatic.
    He will be remembered for His words in favor of the poor,
    but now He has put himself and Vatican in great risk…

    1. There is no Azov Units at Bucha. Yes, one of their commanders who was wounded was at Kyoiv and went to take photos, but their unit did not serve and does not serve there.

  4. The concept of “reflex principle” is interesting. But what about a gigantic “persuasion trick” set up by the FSB? It should work following a kind of “analog reasoning”, namely based on constant denials (it does not matter if in mutual contradiction). It’s precisely Satan’s way!

    1. This is true. And Russian propaganda is exploiting all the dissent in the West against governments, and flipping it into indifference, pacifism and outright hatred of Christian peoples. What Satan did not gain by fake fear in the Scamdemic, he is gaining by hate used as the first principle of thought, in this conflict.

  5. Thousands will diein the war the globalist purposely started. Part of the plan. Billions will die and lose their soul because of the serum and upcoming mark. Ukraine is a deadly and helpful diversion and you took the bait. This is a war for the soul not Ukraine. Get your head back in the game and stay focused on the only thing that matters. Getting your soul back home.

    1. Farmer, you seem to be a marxist, because your ideology has no place for human compassion. Even if only one person suffer, intervening to help is a work of mercy, which Christ promised an eternal reward for. Serving a heartless ideology as you recommend, leads to Hell.

  6. There is a mass world wide genocide taking place and i am throwing everything I have at it. Risking my livelihood, building an ark to save as many as possible. Telling everyone I know about the danger. How is this a no compassionate philosophy?

    1. When you advocate that others stop doing other works of mercy, but only do the works of mercy you do, then you are an ideologue and not a disciple of Christ, who said, both to feed the hungry, as well as to instruct the ignorant.

      1. And Farmer, since you feel it necessary in your last comment (not published) to blaspheme the Living God to defend your position, I urge you to stop reading FromRome.Info.

  7. i·de·o·logue
    Learn to pronounce
    an adherent of an ideology, especially one who is uncompromising and dogmatic. I don’t get it. How is saying Jesus was ideological blasphemy? He stood for his teachings and died for them? We are too follow him not worship him.

    1. Christians by definition are those who worship Jesus Christ as the Incarnate God, the Eternal Son of the Eternal Father, Yahweh, Sabaoth, Elohim, El Shaddai. If you do not worship Jesus Christ as the one and only True God, you are not by definition a Christian. You are either an atheist or an arian or a judaizer. The first do not believe there is a God. The second believe there was a time when Christ was not, and the third believe he was a smart rabbi but only a man.

      1. Jesus-himself-said-do-not-praise-worship-me-only-worship-he-who-has-sent-me-God-alone-so-why-do- you still-disobey-what-he-said-and-still-do-what-you want-to-by-worshiping-him-anyway-despite-how-he-feels?
        You have called me a Marxist, arian, a judaizer and said I am going to hell. What part of that harsh judgement is Christian? I am trying to help you after watching your plea for help. I have supported you and still will. You seem to have this penchant to name call/ dam to hell anyone who even questions you.

      2. As a man of God it is my duty to wake you up and point out to you how far you are from the Kingdom of God. And if you will not worship the Lamb who was slain, who sits on the Throne of His Father in Heaven (see book of the Apocalypse) you are simply not a Christian and will burn in Hell, for calling Him a liar who said, “Before Abraham was I am”, and “The Father and I are one”, and “All authority in Heaven and Earth has been given to me”. That you do not know this, I find remarkable. But do excuse me for presuming you were a Catholic. It is a grave sin to call Christ an ideologue, because He does not preach a man made logos. He is the Logos, the Word of God. And He does not come to preach Himself, but lead us with Him to the Father. Christianity is not a candy and doughnut religion. You have to be ready and willing to hear some hell fire and brimstone kind of lanugage, because losing your immortal soul is the gravest of tragedies and each and every error is capable of dragging us there. Therefore, a preacher of God has to reprove, in season and out, just as he also has to show that in Christ there is forgiveness for every sin, if forgiveness be sought and change of life be undertaken.

  8. for the children of this world are wiser in their generation than the children of light.

    1. Jesus is the way the truth and hope and I have believed that since I was born. Jesus held to his beliefs tightly. That why I meant. Did not understand the difference in applying the word to differing logos. That mistake sends me to hell?

      1. I think we are talking past each other. Of I worship god every minute of the day. But I follow Jesus and his teachings. Yep

      2. We Catholics Worship God, the Most Holy Trinity: Which is the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Thus we worship the Son in His Incarnation, whence He has the Name above all other Names, Jesus. So we worship Jesus and we worship the Father through the Son and in the Holy Spirit. But Jesus is a proper object of Divine Latria, or Adoration, not as Man, but as God, but God through the Man, whence He took on visibility and passibility for our Salvation. Praised be His blessed Name and Passion and Resurrection, now and forever!

  9. Dear Br Bugnolo,
    Very interesting video. I confess, I’m guilty of doing this in recent times. I know nothing about wars and its politics but it does not stop me having an opinion, which is unfortunately, opposite to what the mainstream media say. I’m dependent on correct information on who I hope are well informed christian channels
    like yourself. Yes, false witness can drag us down and we must be careful. I must correct myself. Many Thanks and God Bless.

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