The Names of the Suspected Perpetrators of the Bucha Massacre

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3 thoughts on “The Names of the Suspected Perpetrators of the Bucha Massacre”

  1. Im sorry, Bro Alexis.
    But I put Ukrainian Intelligence on a par with CIA, Mossad, CSIS, MI5/6, CNN, Fox News and all the usual suspects – they ALL tell you what they want you to hear.

    And they are the same betrayers of the truth as those who deceived you about the Covid Virus, the Mask, the policies, and finally the dangerous DNA disturber aka vax.
    This will probably not be published.

  2. I cant speak knowledgeably about the super intelligent agencies. or their wwide connection s. I can speak about the slipshod way big pharma via the press conjures the public to drink the koolaid of any new drug they create to cure any said illness..whether Covid or cancer. The Pharma reps sell the Drs on the newest pharmacological cures , or drugs,without knowledge ofthe long term side effects. For instance, the birth control pill. The women who died of strokes and cancer of the breast for decades bc that pill for profit wasnt properly tested for a period of time long enough to insure its safety. So, excuse me. Pushing the media/ Fauchi/ et others FORCINGpeople to inject a media med into their DNA or lose their livlihood is rape.

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