4 thoughts on “Why Our Lady came to Fatima to seek the Conversion of Russia”

  1. Fascinating, disgusting, dismaying and infuriating to hear the views of the Russian public. I almost felt as though I were driving by a terrible wreck…Or, was at a public hanging or something brutal and bloody while experiencing this piece.

    General public believes the propaganda coming out of the Kremlin and Pootain’s mouth…JUST AS SO MANY IN THE U.S. believed the ‘wolf-crying terror monger censors’ for the first two years of ‘The WEF/CCP Cabal’ Bio-Warfare, and became PARANOID to the point of Schizophrenia mandating toddlers and small children wear masks even up until the present time when science DOES NOT SUPPORT THIS. THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN Pootain, Gates, Schwab, Xi, Soros, OBidens, Foochi, Clintons…Pelosi, McConnell, McCarthy…The Corporate Billionaires now owning everything including the media and big tech…Along with the Establishment Ruling Class. The U.S. MURDERS at least a million babies per year. That’s ‘Scorched Earth’ to God, no question.

    Yesterday’s report about Elon Musk purchasing the billions of dollars worth of Twitter stock prompting a possible change in company S.O.P. pertaining to ‘Free Speech’ is STILL the difference between the U.S. and Russia/China at the current time and THAT IS HUGE. Just one human being with a bit of morality (NO…He’s not perfect) who loves America and the principles it stands upon CAN CHANGE THE WHOLE SITUATION to REGAIN FREEDOMS STOLEN.

    Seeing the pictures of all the dead lying around the destroyed cities that were once beautiful from the pictures and T.V. scenes is enough to make anyone GAG. Hearing citizens of Russia speak from such a level of ignorance combined with a total lack of empathy as well as SUPPORT for the War against the Nazis was shameful since their leader IS a NAZI involved with a NAZI organization, himself.

    Need to keep this piece and offer it a few times per year to remind people of exactly what the U.S. is and the reason it’s important and VITAL for the whole globe to KEEP IT and AGAIN EDUCATE OUR CHILDREN ABOUT OUR GOVT., and GOD. Both are necessary for a Constitutional Federal Republic based in Representative Democracy. Next to Government by Jesus Christ which would be perfection humans can never attain; the U.S. Constitution is the next best thing on Earth.

    1. Don’t get excited by Musk buying into Twitter. Twitter is failing, and it is an asset of the Rothschild Family, so since Musk is a pawn and front man for them, they asked him to cough up some of their money and prop up their failing investment. Moreover, Twitter is used for mass formation psychosis and its fall in popularity means that the Rothschilds cannot manipulate the masses as easily, especially as regards legislations and stock prices.

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