Pfizer Document Dump shows they knew the DeathVaxx was communicable

Br. Bugnolo was ridiculed in November last year, when he warned on Oct. 31, 2021, — 6 months and 1 week ago — that the DeathVaxxed could infect the unvaccinated. See that video here.

However, it must be noted that this new information does not support that all DeathVaxxed are always contagious, only that those recently DeathVaxxed are, if there is close proximate contact or presence. So there is no need to panic.

The Nazis in the service of Vladimir Putin

Drone footage captured Russian Tank murdering Bicyclist at Bucha

This video needs to be set to full screen and it is better to use a touch screen which allows magnification, to see it all.

Canada is descending into Chinese Style full-blow Sanitary Tyranny