4 thoughts on “Dr. Naomi Wolf: The Mayor of NYC should be arrested for abusing children”

  1. Why would you put a rabid abortion promoter here? She’s also a self-promoter who loves to hear herself talk. Suddenly she cares about the future of children? Give me a break! I hope to never see her here again. Also, as a good Jew, she may even believe an unborn baby is not human.

    1. Was not aware of her background at all. But if a rabid abortion promotion is against the masking of children, it shows that we are winning the battle.

      1. Those who identify human beings to be of viability as babies when simply located outside of the womb and breathing direct oxygen without the ‘BIRTHING PARENT’ are many and always have been a much higher percentage than fetuses. This is not an indication of ‘Winning’ as you claim.

        While ‘Masking Mandates of Children’ is indeed a grave crime as she indicates; the far greater crime is unquestionably “Abortion on Demand”…Unforgiveable; especially for a Christian Country spreading it globally and CELEBRATING IT AS A ‘MEDICAL?’ RIGHT as opposed to Mass Murder of the worst of Psychopathic Predators of all ages.

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