Dr. Marshall speaks about Viganò’s call for investigation of the Renunciation

Editor’s Note: This is Dr. Marshall’s 2nd video on this topic. He is clearly electrified. I have been waiting 3 years and 7 months for someone to take up this call. And I got my Easter present this year!

And it’s  not just Dr. Marshall.  LifeSite News is republishing the full interview of Archbishop Viganò:

I expect that we will be hearing from The Remnant and Catholic Family News, soon, as their silence will soon become unsustainable.

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4 thoughts on “Dr. Marshall speaks about Viganò’s call for investigation of the Renunciation”

  1. mgr vigano should send a call or a letter to all cardinals before
    2013 as you, br bugnolo , said that they are the ones by the
    canon law of the catholic church to do this job .
    why not asking them . its their duty not of dr marshall or
    m voris or m matt
    but the cardinals before 2013 have this great responsability

  2. Happy Easter. In 1958 Pope pius 12th, about 6 mo before he died stated that no one who was a member of the Communist Party could be a member of the Catholic Church. Six months later after John 23rd was elected, he changed that an d allowed Communists to become member of the Catholic Church!!!
    I never understood such ambiguity and polar opposite declarations from the mouths of 2 Popes over just a 6 months period. If you understand it please inform us laity how this could happen as this is no small issue. I read many decades ago that Pope John 23fd was far from a great intellectual. But, this issue wasnt rocket science.
    Sorry I cant recall the name of the book the info was in.

    1. There are those who are members of the Communist party because they believe in Marxism, and these are not members of the Church. But then there are those who are members, not because they believe in Marxism, but because they seek material advantages. These are criminals, but not heretics or apostates. And such sinners remain members of the Church.

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