Russian Federation Forces executed 132 Civilians in Makarov, Ukraine

Editor’s Note: It is expected to find such horrors of genocide in all the territories occupied by Russian Forces, once they are liberated.

And in Cherinhiv, where a graphic artist in 2016, designed the Lepanto Flag, which Ordo Militaris Inc., has used so often for fundraising to help persecuted Christians. I pray to God that she got out with her mom and sister to safety, and was not involved in this horror:

Russian Federation Forces launch Missile against Railway Station Waiting Aread


Videos taken by bystanders, moments after the attack:

Surveillance camera captured the moment of the explosion:

The Crime scene, sequestered afterwards:

UPDATE: Death toll rises to 39…

Update: Death toll now over 50..

Russian Federation Forces have abandoned more than 7000 fallen on battlefield

iJustine shares about what is happening to her after the DeathVaxx

Russian Federation Forces encircling Donbas, Ukraine: mass Genocide feared

In related news, more testimonies of the tragedy which has afflicted Christian families in Ukraine, emerges:

USA: Biden to promote butchery of children to force them to change gender

Editor’s Note: Since minors cannot legally consent, these surgical interventions run counter to the Nuremberg Code and those who perpetrate and solicit them should be liable to capital punishment.