Canon 1221 Forbids Covid Controls in every Catholic Church

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Contrary to the widespread abuses which we have all suffered for the last 2 years, no one in the Church has the right to forbid baptized Catholics from entering Church to attend religious functions.

This is a divine right, since Christ founded the Church to serve the Faithful. But it is also a canonical right, enshrined in Canon 1221.

That canon reads, in its official Latin version (source):

Can. 1221 — Ingressus in ecclesiam tempore sacrarum celebrationum sit liber et gratuitus.

Which in English is:

Can. 1221 — Let entrance into a church at the time of sacred celebrations be free and without charge.

And contrary to what appears in the standard English translation (source):

Can. 1221 Entry to a church at the hours of sacred functions is to be open and free of charge.

The canon in Latin is not speaking only about the fact that the doors of the Church should be unlocked or that you should not be charged money to enter.

The Latin word, “liber”, means “open, that is, accessible to all who wish to enter”, and the other Latin word, “gratuitus”, means not only free from a pecuniary requirement, but “as a grace”, that is a favor and service to all.

Thus, the very notion of placing any requirement upon the faithful such as the DeathMask or DeathVaxx Passport runs contrary to canon 1221.  And without scientific evidence — for which there is none — no sanitary requirement can justly be invoked to deny this right.

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15 thoughts on “Canon 1221 Forbids Covid Controls in every Catholic Church”

  1. Thank you, Br Bugnolo.

    Sadly, most Priests and Bishops I have come across have zero respect for Canon Law, which was evident when they refused Holy Communion on the tongue even before shutting down churches.


    In Hong Kong, the apostasy at the top intensified with the Diocesan Chancellor issuing this instruction on behalf of the Bishop:



    Under Stage One (February 24 – April 29) of the “Vaccine Pass” scheme, all persons aged twelve or above wishing to enter or remain in religious premises must have received at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine. These persons must use the “LeaveHomeSafe” mobile application and present the QR code of their vaccination record or the COVID-19 Vaccination Exemption Certification (Exemption Certificate).

    Religious premises open to visitors should install the “QR Code Verification Scanner” for verification of whether the visitors meet the above requirements, while the scanned records shouldbe kept for 31 days.

    Visitors to religious premises who are exempted from the above-mentioned requirement include children aged under 12 and holders of the Exemption Certificate. For more details, see Chancery Notice of 24 February 2022, n.2, available at the Diocesan Website (

    According to a clarification of the Home Affairs Bureau, under the “Vaccine Pass” scheme,“religious premises” only refer to premises where liturgical functions are held, i.e., churches, chapels and Mass centres, but not to such premises as parish offices or conference rooms.

    In accordance with the anti-pandemic measures of the Government, from February 24 to April 20, churches and chapels where public Masses are regularly held remain temporarily closed, except in the case of a wedding (participants not exceeding five persons) or a funeral (no restriction on number of participants). However, those taking part in the two religious ceremonies must meet the above-mentioned requirement for entering churches or chapels.

    There is more if you follow the link.

  2. Could have told us that over two years ago! Too late now. Catholics DENIED Mass and Holy Communion and denied from keeping HOLY the Sabbath day because of PC Globalist appeaser and hypocrite Pope Francis too weak to stand up to atheist secular Globalist mammon.

    1. I was not aware that the English translation of this canon had been misrepresented, until it was brought to my attention by a friend in Spain.

  3. But few care to enforce the law anyway, or that is what it seems. Is there a mechanism to enforce it?

    1. You enforce it by entering without a DeathVaxx, DeathMask and DeathPassport, and enduring the suffering the results. Stand your grown and take your churches back. If you wont fight for your own rights, don’t expect anyone else to…

  4. Americas fight for religious freedom held in Boston in 1880s. Full account in old book of that time entitled The Biography of Charles Francis Donnelly. Donnelly successfully argued his point and won.

    1. The case is not analogous. In France, all the Churches were robbed by the State c. 1904. Most are unoccupied and not used. The State decides whether to grant use, and use must only be religious. Sometimes they refuse. This was such a case, so the citizens had a legal right to enter. The Church was not closed by the Church, but by the State.

      1. https://amdg-free-fr/mess_port_marly.htm

        According to this article, an interview with one closely involved at the time, it was indeed the Bishop that ordered the Church closed, and the State cooperated by involving the Police.

        This was because the Parish Priest offered the Traditional Latin Mass.

        When he died, despite there being two junior Priests in the Parish offering the Traditional Latin Mass and overwhelming support of the congregation, the Bishop took the opportunity to shut the Priests and parishioners out.

        Not a perfect analogy, but an insightful one nevertheless.

        Outside the state controlled Catholic Church in Mainland China, Hong Kong Diocese was the first in February 2020 to shut down all public Masses before the government required it to do so. This was a few weeks after banning reception of Holy Communion on the tongue.

        The Catholic Diocese coordinated its announcements on these and other “social distancing”, masking, removal of Holy Water and other “hygiene” regulations with the Anglican Archdiocese of Hong Kong.

        At the time, Hong Kong had no officially appointed Catholic Bishop, only an Apostolic Administrator under direct control of Bergoglio.

      2. In French Law, once a Bishop shuts a church, that church can be used by another religious group, since the Bishop only has usufruct and must continue to use it to maintain it. So, that is why they could enter and take use of the place. And they did retain it and wont the legal battle. It would not work the same, let’s say, in most other countries, where the Bishop owns the property, for they would surely be arrested and put in jail. This is why the modern masonic state’s laws actually prevent Church reform, because in the Middle Ages, the faithful would simply take the Bishop and throw him in the river, and no one would bother them in church again. Not to mention that it would have been intolerable that any Bishop do such a thing. But there were no building codes or zoning rules, so the faithful simply would build their own church. In Europe, there are Churches on every corner in Catholic countries, which reflect this. And many were not owned by the Bishop.

  5. Thank you, Br Bugnolo.

    For context, the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China owns all the land in Hong Kong, except for a small pocket of land including St John’s Anglican Cathedral.

    All property excepting that Cathedral is thus leasehold, not freehold.

    This has been the case since the beginning of Hong Kong as a British colony in the 1840’s.

    Seems like Hong Kong may have been one of the advance test cases for owning nothing and being happy!

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