MEXICO: The War without Quarter against the Catholic Church (Spanish)

Editor’s Note: This is a topic totally unknown in the English speaking world, Freemasonry in Mexico has been assisted by the US Government for two centuries.

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4 thoughts on “MEXICO: The War without Quarter against the Catholic Church (Spanish)”

  1. No longer am proficient in Spanish since it’s been too many years without use. Wish I could have understood what this man said. Difficult to comprehend Cartels warring with the Church since the Church is conspiring with Govt. to allow the unfettered entry of Insurgents invading the U.S. to benefit them financially.

  2. No God Next Door, Fr. Michael Kenny
    Blood Drenched Altars, Most Rev. Francis Clement Kelly
    Mexican Martyrdom, Fr. Wilfrid Parsons

    FDR threatened removal of tax status to get ‘bishops’ to suppress promoting No God Next Door.

  3. @Robbi. To those that do not know Spanish, if you are able to get to the UTube “settings” icon ( it looks like a wheel), select the translate option and select your language. I selected English. Then activate the CC (closed captions). Start the video and you should get a fairly accurate translation of the talk. Towards the end the questions portion is not as clear because the audio is not as good as the one of the presenter. Since the presenter speaks slowly, the translation is fairly accurate.

    This video is excellent in presenting a version of why things are not well in Mexico. But it also could apply to everything that began with the growth of freemasonry in France and the campaign to destroy the Catholic Church from within in the 17 hundreds.

    I suggest sharing the video with those one knows can speak Spanish, but even those that can follow with their native language translation via closed captions.

    It looks from his presentation that he has other videos in the form of lectures on the same topic.

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