Russian Federation Forces encircling Donbas, Ukraine: mass Genocide feared

In related news, more testimonies of the tragedy which has afflicted Christian families in Ukraine, emerges:

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4 thoughts on “Russian Federation Forces encircling Donbas, Ukraine: mass Genocide feared”

  1. Dear Br,Bugnolo,

    I have been following your site for a while now and agree with everything you say but I have my doubts about this whole war… I see crisis actors and just dsil to seea “war” , they show old buildings run down houses .. etc..
    can you please explain what is going on over there??


    1. Ukraine is very poor. The houses in the countryside are very humble, kind of like one finds in rural Appalacia or some parts of Sicily or Basilicata. I have seen no crisis actors, except in Russian Federation Propaganda videos. There are tens of thousands being killed and maimed, I have published numerous videos showing real life people talking about suffering. If you cannot recognize reality from propaganda, I cannot help you.

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