USA: Eucharistic Procession Held in Times Square on March 31

Editor’s Note: Holy Week begins tomorrow night. If you know of videos which show the celebrations in your part of the world, please share links to them in the comments below.

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5 thoughts on “USA: Eucharistic Procession Held in Times Square on March 31”

  1. Didn’t notice even one person making the ‘Sign of the Cross’ or bowing…Nothing. Are there no Catholics in New York who know better? Maybe, this needs to happen more often to remind folks of God’s existence all week long and not just from Sat. night to Sunday.

    1. Those in the procession are Catholics, those who are bystanders are probably not, or just do not know how to act because in the USA very rarely is there such a procession. By rarely I mean once in a life time you see one.

    2. Seriously!? You need to see the glass half full! In case you dont know, NYC is a melting pot of many cultures and religions esp. the hub of JudeoMasons. The Remnant of Catholics in NYC are Faithful and have done this in previous years. Also, at Battery Park, NYC there was a “Marian boat parade and prayer vigil for World Peace for Consecration of the world under Our Lady of All Nations, by international Marian leaders international images mostle from the Philippines were presented. A Eucharistic Celebration and a procession downtown Manhattan at Battery Park, near the Twin Towers. We all heard Christina Gallagher, an Irish woman, who was told as she was on the boat at the Regatta shown the sites along the Hudson River and passing the Twin Towers that this is the symbol of America’s wealth and power, when she approached the microphone at BatteryPark she prophesied, “if Americans don’t turn back to God, those 2 Towers will burn down to the ground like 2 candlesticks!” The date was September 11, 1999, exactly two years to the date of 911 demolition and another snare to remove Liberties for fake Safety.

  2. So beautiful to see, couldn’t stop watching. I would think many bystander’s hearts were touched and reminded of their faith.

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