To endorse Russian Propaganda is to endorse Christian Genocide

Heed Our Lady of Fatima and avoid the errors of Russia

Editor’s Note: Anyone who says that Russia is the source of truth not error, or of salvation and not in need of conversion beforehand, is calling the Holy Virgin a liar. These are led by the spirits of Hell. there is no other theological explanation. Fly from all such false prophets!

Russian Duma plans to traffic 120 Thousand Ukrainian children

Editor’s Note: Click on the tweets for more information and discussion. — Summary: the Russian Legislature is proposing new law which would allow Ukrainian children to be taken from parents and given to Russian families. 120,000 Children have already been transported out of Ukraine by Russian Federation Forces. The conclusion is, therefore, a massive child trafficking program, intentionally organized as a means of ethnocide. — As this story develops, new updates will be posted here below.

Reports began to surface about this about 2 weeks ago:


Russian Federation Forces incinerated Ukrainian Civilians in Husarovka, Ukraine

And in regards, to Bucha: mass graves have been discovered…