It’s now undeniable that Joe Biden is suffering from advanced Dementia

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4 thoughts on “It’s now undeniable that Joe Biden is suffering from advanced Dementia”

  1. Some of us were more than convinced during the days of the “Basement Bunker” Campaign.

    For a guy who ever counts himself the smoothest one in the room, it must gall DJT no end that the machine backing the “smooth-brain” succeeded at out-cheating him.

    1. Probably would annoy him if he didn’t know ‘The WEF/CCP Cabal’ Minions were behind all the fun. Gates/Soros/Obama puppets pulled the strings as some madd Rasputin behind the curtain with Davos’s Czar Schwab with his Billionaire Corporatists as the real UNELECTED Govt. behind the Govt.

      President DJT is far wiser now. He knows who everybody is, and those he can trust. The business of politics is FAR more filthy than anything he had dealt with before; more than any filth he had ever experienced or tried.

      1. Well, he did endorse Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, though it appears he said this prior to Feb. 24th…. in my book, that shows a lot of naivite at the best….

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