Russian Duma plans to traffic 120 Thousand Ukrainian children

Editor’s Note: Click on the tweets for more information and discussion. — Summary: the Russian Legislature is proposing new law which would allow Ukrainian children to be taken from parents and given to Russian families. 120,000 Children have already been transported out of Ukraine by Russian Federation Forces. The conclusion is, therefore, a massive child trafficking program, intentionally organized as a means of ethnocide. — As this story develops, new updates will be posted here below.

Reports began to surface about this about 2 weeks ago:


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4 thoughts on “Russian Duma plans to traffic 120 Thousand Ukrainian children”

  1. Russia has non-replacement birth-rate– the next generation after this is pretty much missing as Russian’s haven’t wanted to have families in the economic uncertainty after the fall of the USSR.
    Putin didn’t anticiipate 19,000+ soldiers killed failing to conquer Ukraine. These young men didn’t live to marry and (in better economic times) have children which Russia badly needs. So: Russia/Putin desperately steals SLAVIC children to survive. Ukranian refugees were funnelled towards Russia so they could gain desirable citizens.
    Mothers who lost conscript sons in this war are baying for Putin’s blood, so that’s why he’s recruiting Syrian mercenaries as canon-fodder for his army– he can’t afford to lose any more young Russian men. . .

  2. Thanks R. Wenner. May these children learn the truth and act accordingly when the time comes and not be used as janniseries and worse. Can one rank outrages? There is so much evil being reported, may Our Lord and Our Lady prevent us from being anesthetized to it.

    1. No way to be anesthetized to this travesty. There’s going to be hell to pay and it’s not going to be too far off. In praying, am getting the impression God is the one animating the Ukrainian people with the Holy Spirit and the Russians can’t win. It’s not going to come easy and many more will die; but in the end Ukraine will be the country standing. God is bringing the Russians back into his plan for creation instead of Govt./Country being God.

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